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Article 17 things I learnt about France and the French after travelling across the country


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Interesting article.

The Telegraph - 17 things I learnt about France and the French after travelling across the country, by Oliver Smith, 28 Aug 2019

Item 2, they don’t like vegetarians, is absolutely my experience. If you are lucky enough to find a vegetarian restaurant, it will be great. Otherwise not much choice in regular restaurants.


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In Antibes, there were so many pizzas, salads, and market choices available, I didn't run into the issue. While I'm not a vegetarian, I eat very little meat when at home and I'm not traveling. When traveling, I make do, but too much meat really gets to my poor stomach. In Basque Country, both sides of the border, there is meat, meat, and more meat! :)

Provence is beautiful! I've been to Les Baux once, and it was enough! Too touristy for sure. I feel there are other hill towns that are going that way...Éze Village and St. Paul-de-Vence, for example.

It's definitely easier for a vegetarian to dine in Paris these days -- with so many wine bars, small plates are a great option to eat exactly what one wants, and sharing a plate is no longer frowned upon in those newer places.

Thanks for sharing the article!


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He's a little bit unfair in that he judges vegetarian options while travelling in a mountain area renowned for its hearty, and meaty, cuisine aimed at hikers and bikers who want to fill up on protein and carbs. In general France is better for vegetarians than it used to be, at least in more upmarket restaurants in relatively touristy areas. Tapas bars are getting really popular, allowing you to pick and choose several small vegetarian items to make a meal. And as Cameron says, pizzerias are always a good bet if you are stuck (pizzas in southern France are excellent). It's also a great reason to self-cater, for the sheer pleasure of shopping in French markets.


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