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Information 31 Day Overseas Vacation & Social Security


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This is just informational for any retired folks from the states that may have missed this.

I recently applied for Social Security. They sent me a list of reporting responsibilities, stating failure to report may result in over-payments that must be repaid, including possible monetary penalties.

So I am reading the list and there are common sense things like, "Your citizenship changes", "Beneficiary dies", ...etc... Then I see, "You go outside the U.S.A for 30 consecutive days or longer". That's kind of a shocker

If I am reading this right. if I decided to take a month and a half vacation overseas they cut off my Social Security for that period.


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You can receive US Social Security even if you live overseas. My husband Steve does. They deposit his payments to our U.K. bank. So, I don't think this means they can cut you off. It might be one of those arbitrary requirements that no one follows.


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Here's the SSA publication about being out of the USA. If you are a US citizen, you will continue receiving your benefits. But if you are not a US citizen, there is an additional requirement. The publication is very readable.

Personally, my husband and I are out of the country six months each year. Our benefits continue to be deposited to our American bank with no interruption.
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We have lived overseas in Thailand for 5 years both of us taking social security. We do have them deposited in a US bank then do interbank transfers. Cheaper than using ATMs. I did get a call from SSI wanting to know my address about a year ago. Turns out their mailings had been returned because they had not included the country. With best guesstimates of 1.4 to 7 million retired expats you'd think they'd have a better system in place.

We haven't spent 90 days in the states in these 5 years.

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Medicare doesn't cover you overseas. I am a retired federal employee so I get overseas coverage through their plan. Not cheap $500 a month.
There are overseas policies for shorter stays vs living out of country. I have a friend who has a policy that has an annual premium of $2000. It is essentially a businessman's policy. Supposed to cover business trips not long term residency. As long as she covers her small claims it will pay out on big claims. She calls it her heart attack insurance. One major claim and then she is back to the US full time. Obviously she couldn't claim for things like cancer.
Our Chiang Mai expat group has teamed up with a company here. It provides the old time "catastrophic" insurance overseas only. No doctors visits, maintenance drugs, etc. But any claims over $1000 it will cover. Runs about $300 a month. Good news is it does cover you if you are over 70. Has a cap of various amounts. 50k, 100k and premiums reflect that. Won't cover you in Australia, Japan or US.
If you are only traveling for a month or so the auto club has a reasonable priced policy or www.insuremytrip.com is an option.

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