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6 Experience based travel tips while visiting USA

Erick Clifford

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I'm currently living in London but I'm an American. I went to Los Angeles last month to visit my family and I have to say that moving around there is not as easy as here in Europe. Fortunately I learned airport hacks and tips while traveling there and I would like to share them with you:

1. Pack wisely.
There’s nothing better than traveling only with a carry-on luggage (if you can). If you’re about to make a quick trip and forget about carrying many bags and worrying about its weight and safety, try to pack just the essentials. Consult your destination’s weather and the places or activities you’re about to do and pack your outfits wisely.

2. Printed boarding pass.
By checking in online, you can save time, long lines and you don’t need to worry about the airline close the flight without you. Just a day or night before your trip go and get your flight reservation printed. You should also check the airline politics.

3. Avoid taxi cabs!
Besides it is hard to find a taxi cab at street, it's definitely not the cheapest or safest transportation option. There are other transportation agencies like Uber, Shuttlewizard, Lyft that will adjust your needs (location, space, timing, budget) and can definitely bring a better service to you.

4. Choose accommodation carefully.
Check all the hotel options you can; location, services they provide and type of rooms. Try to avoid hostels, they're not as good recommended or cheap as Europe ones.

5. Be careful of what you eat and drink.

Don’t eat or drink too much, know your limits. You can use websites like Trip advisor or Yelp and search for the most recommended places. Try to avoid eating at street and if you want to have fun and take a couple drinks do it with moderation.

6. Visit public places.
Even if you are traveling or not, you need to make sure you're moving in public and safe places, especially at night. Avoid Talking to strangers too and bringing a pepper spray with you could be an excellent idea.

Enjoy the trip!
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Hello Erick. We are mostly experienced travelers on this forum and your post might do better on a general travel forum with people who have not traveled very much.

1. There are pros and cons for doing carry-on only. I don't like to drag my luggage around the airport and fight for space for it in the overhead, so I check my bag.

2. I think everyone has been printing their boarding passes before flights for many years.

3. I like taxis and they are usually easy to find.

4. This is a forum for Europe travel, not US travel. You forgot the best form of accommodation - vacation rentals.

5. Some of us dislike Trip Advisor with a passion.

6. Avoid talking to strangers? Might as well stay at home then. I won't be carrying pepper spray either.

I have removed all links in the post above, and the survey (not relevant). It's a game - try to guess which link he was paid to post!


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I cheated, and instead googled Erick's least literate phrase in the list above to track him down... Yes, a prolific poster, on many sites (some of which might be more suitable for him) and, yes, Shuttlewizard does seem to be a special favourite!

(Erick, if you're still reading this, and really do have 'a passion for writing', as some of your online biographies state, then do yourself - and your readers - a favour and have a go at polishing up your writing style)


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Happy to see the replies! I know everyone has to make a living somehow but I am getting so tired of this kind of stuff. Also surveys, don't get me started on surveys!
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