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Amalfi Coast Travel - help?

Karri Eggers

New Member
Hi all -
My daughter and I both get motion sick - easily! We will be in Southern Italy (Amalfi/Positano/Capri) for 10 days. What is the best way to go - the Amalfi Coast by boat tour? Or the bus tour? (I was told Ravello is a "must see" but definitely would get sick!)

Your experiences and insight are appreciated!
We spent two weeks in Sorrento back in 2001 and had a rental car, so drove the Amalfi Coast and up to Ravello. The drive was not as bad as I had imagined. It is curvy and narrow, but the traffic did not move that fast. But I don't suffer from motion sickness. At least on the bus you could get off if you were feeling unwell.

Ravello is lovely, but IMO just as lovely as Amalfi, Positano and Capri.
On our trip we spent part of the time without a car and then picked up a car at Sorrento. Make sure you have parking where you are staying.
Thanks for the tip! I am comparing trips that have lodging in Sorrento (bigger city, cheaper) vs those in Positano (heard it is much more quaint and worth the extra $$). Any input?
Hi Karri, I spent 3 weeks on the Amalfi coast in 2011. Within that time I had a 3 night day trip to Capri and a possible day trip to see the greek temples in Paestum. In my research for a home base I originally thought about staying in either Positano, Amalfi or Ravello. Since I was staying for three weeks I wanted to stay in a vacation rental versus a hotel. I looked at places in Positano, Amalfi and Ravello but after reading about the town of Praiano which is a very small town on the main road between Positano & Amalfi from another traveler (Mimi), I knew that Praiano was where I wanted to base. I even rented the same vacation rental that she did. I swear every night there was the most gorgeous sunset. They are listed on here on Slow Europe Summer In Italy and the apartment is called Casa Matilde. The owners are just lovely and easy to work with. The other plus to Praiano is it is a short Sita bus ride to Positano (15 minutes) and Amalfi (20 minutes) which is the major hubbub for connections to other towns like Ravello, Bomerano, Maiori, Salerno, Sorrento. And the town is so small that it felt like home to me. If you wanted to stay in a hotel, I did see a couple of hotels there but I can't vouch for them as I didn't stay there. I can't speak for Sorrento because I only stayed there for one night many years ago and hardly remember it except for when I went there to catch to ferry to Capri. I love Praiano, but if I didn't stay in Praiano I think from all the other places, i would probably pick Positano next.

I too suffer from motion sickness due to a very mild case of vertigo. I have it the worst on planes and ferries/boats and cars (sometimes, less if I drive or sit in the front). I rarely have it while taking the trains and buses. So needless to say when reading about the winding roads on the Amalfi coast I was worried about my motion sickness. I took a train from Rome (my fly in/out city) to Salerno then hired a driver (arranged by my apartment owners) to pick me up and take me to my apartment. You could easily also take the Sita bus too but with my luggage and not knowing the area a driver pick up was my preference. During my entire stay there I relied and took the Sita bus everywhere and never got sick. I think part of the reason was that most of the drivers were very good (ie., smooth drivers). There was only one time when I got just a tad weasy because the driver was kind of rough on the breaks but that was the only time. All the other drivers were very smooth and I never got sick.

I took a combination of the Sita bus and train to get to Paestum & Napoli and took the Sita bus to Sorrento and the ferry from there to Capri. That was the only time I was forced to take the ferry and I took a Dramamine just in case. I traveled in November but surprisingly the waters wasn't too rough.

I noticed that parking was very scarce in Amalfi. I think for me the only time a car would've been useful for my itinerary was for my day trip to Paestum because although doable from Praiano it was a long travel day. But everyone is different. I travel solo so I prefer taking public transportation over a car and to be honest I drive 40 miles RT everyday in LA and so this gives me a break from driving. The Sita buses were very convenient to take between towns. I went to Positano 3 times, to Ravello 2 times and also checked out the town of Maiori. Another thing to keep in mind is when you are traveling. I went in November for perspective. The buses did get pretty full with school kids during certain times, but for the most part I had no problems getting on the buses. A few times I had to stand up. If you travel during high season, I'm not sure how it will be.

Btw, I ate at Chez Black in Positano 3 times and I loved the Vivaro Wine Bar/Restaurant (Via G. Capriglione 156) in Praiano just a 5 minute walk from my apartment on the main road. The owner is also the chef and he is so nice and his food is fresh and delicious. The atmosphere is very friendly and it is a place that both locals and tourists frequent. I think Pauline said it was okay to mention our blogs here so if you are interested in seeing more photos I did several live posts on my blog. Maybe I'll to try to figure out how to add it to my signature.:)

Whatever you decide to do, have a wonderful trip. This is a photo of the sunset that I was treated to every night except for when I was away on my day trips.

Thank you for taking so much of your time to give me such great information. We don't get to stay in one place as long as you but we do like to "settle" in to an area and are much more drawn to small/quaint/local than touristy. What a gorgeous sunset that I have to look forward to. We will check out the area and if we end up doing a tour (even an independent tour), we will definitely stay in Positano instead of Sorrento!

Thank you again!
In September of 2010, Shannon and I stayed at this wonderful B&B/vacation rental for several days:

It was an easy walk to Positano from Gilda's. Our place included a small kitchen, two balconies - the sunset were gorgeous! - a large bathroom, and two queen sized beds. In the mornings, Gilda or one of the helpers (who were incredibly sweet and helpful) cooked a hot breakfast for the guests. We had pancakes one day! So many great places I want to return to, so little vacation time ... Gilda's husband Giuseppe had a crush on Shannon, and one day he gifted her a bag of fresh mozzarella. We finished it off several days later with our lunch on a little bluff overlooking the ruins of Pompeii.

The SITA bus that services the Amalfi coast was just outside the main gate of Gilda's. The SITA buses ran quite frequently, but you may have to stand for at least part of any ride. Before we went I'd heard horror stories about the Amalfi Coast Road, but now that I've experienced it I'd not hesitate to drive if that made more sense for my itinerary.

We took the bus one day to Amalfi and one day to Sorrento. I really liked Amalfi as a small town easy to navigate, and thought the cathedral there was very special.

I wasn't crazy about Sorrento, but we had an AMAZING meal at Inn Bufalito. Shannon may remember what we ate, I just recall the food was delicious, the wine and grappa smooth, and our waiter cute. :D http://innbufalito.com/en
My husband suffers from motion sickness both on boats and ferries and from driving on very curvy roads. He has found that Travel-Gum, found in any Italian pharmacy, helps a lot!
Thank you for the tip about Gildas....and thank you DonnaF...I have taken ginger but never heard of the gum. I will have my eyes open for it!!
Hi all -
My daughter and I both get motion sick - easily! We will be in Southern Italy (Amalfi/Positano/Capri) for 10 days. What is the best way to go - the Amalfi Coast by boat tour? Or the bus tour? (I was told Ravello is a "must see" but definitely would get sick!)

Your experiences and insight are appreciated!

Best way to go is by foot --- Honestly, you don't want to do the bus b/c of all the hairpin turns. Check out the Butterfield and Robinson Walking Tour of the Amalfi Coast. It is an amazing combination of beautiful views, 5 star accommodations, fabulous food, hidden gems and exercise, which is moderate and not the least bit stressful. You won't get sick if you walk.
Motion sickness-ugh! I get sick on planes, easily and if I am in the back seat of a car on the winding roads. I usually drive the car, which helps with that bit and my doctor, years ago, prescribed a tiny amount of valium before and during long flights. It supposedly has some effect on the inner ear which is the main cause of such afflictions (according to her). So, though I am not a proponent of anything that is not a natural cure, this works for me and it's very short term usage is OK, in my thinking. Have fun in Italy!

We took the bus from Positano to Amalfi this past October and almost everyone on the bus had motioin sickness. Even people who said they had never had it happen before. I am VERY prone to it and always take a Bonine before these types of situations. It worked perfectly.
Yes it is, but I like it better. You can buy it in chewable form, and non drowsy, which is easy to carry around. I always take it an hour before any expected adventure!

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