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Another quirky feature - spoilers

Ian Sutton

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Useful when someone may be trying to avoid what you are about to write (e.g. a sporting result), or perhaps where what you write might cause offence, so signposts it for others to click only if they choose to.

Spoilers are added via the button to the left of the camera icon (hover over calls it 'insert') with Spoiler the 2nd option. Type your title for the spoiler, in this case I typed My first spoiler which gives you this text in the grey clickable box
{SPOILER="My first spoiler"][/SPOILER} (I've changed the outer square brackets to curly to disable the code)

Then add text between the two square boxes that you wish to hide unless the person chooses to press the spoiler button

Ian likes this feature

Click on the grey box entitled My first spoiler to reveal the text I just added between the square boxes.


This can be quite fun in doing quizzes, here are a couple I set up to illustrate it when testing this software for a wine forum who also adopted it (so massive kudos to anyone that can guess correctly even after opening all 5 clues - it was meant to be quite tough for them!). If you want to see how the spoilers are structured, just reply to this thread and you'll see all the completed 'commands'.

Quiz 1
Name this wine producer
Named after an officer in the Indian Army who (with his brothers) purchased the land, but apparently never set foot on the property

1st vintage in 1859

The largest producer in its geographical region

Produced white burgundy from 1937 to 2005

Now owned by Accolade wines

and if you want to check your guess, the answer is here:

Quiz 2
Name this classed growth Claret
Founded in 1754

Has two 'second' wines

Found on the left bank

Bought out by a relative (who owned another Classed Growth Chateau) in 1806 but retained it's identity to the current day

The founding family had their roots in Scotland, but made their trade in Belfast

and if you want to check your guess, the answer is here:

That's spoilers!


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There is some fun stuff in this software. We can also include Google Maps - but how to do that keeps changing and I need to make sure we are current.

XenForo, who make this software, are some of the original developers of vBulletin. They left after IB bought the company because they wanted to rewrite the software and IB was not interested in that. So they created this software.

A big update is coming out soon, with new features.


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