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Help Needed Anyone Flown Level, Iberia's No-Frills Offshoot?


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There are some pretty spectacular late winter fares from Level. The online reviews I've seen have been mostly pretty negative, largely because of staff indifference and uncomfortable seating. I'm used to being crammed into my seat and can deal with less than stellar service for two direct round trip tickets to Barcelona for $558 total.

Anyone here tried them?


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I think we may chance it. We're pretty unfussy flyers. And now that we don't have to deal with work obligations, dealing with schedule changes is much less of an issue for us.

In looking at Level's reviews on TA (I know, huge grain of salt), many of the negative reviews were from folks who did not read the fine print on meals, luggage, seating, etc. I gather there was also a huge snafu this Spring with cancelled flights from Montreal and no one on the ground to assist passengers. Not impressive.

Norwegian doesn't fly nonstop to BCN from Boston, there's a 2 1/2 hour layover at Gatwick. Humn, I see flights with them for for $387.
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Great, we're booked with them to Barcelona to connect to Rome. If I can ask about some details: do they have their own check-in counter at Boston Logan, or do they use Iberia's counter? For the days I've checked, they depart from gate E3, which I read the map to say that it's the area formerly used by Southwest, where one clears security to the right of the check-in counters. It's away from most international departures and has limited dining choices, but one could go up airside to the area with more concessions. Do I have this right?


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