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Bagels in Rome!


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I’ve been following Linda and Steve’s posts on Instagram about their new bagel business and here it is in the Washington Post! This is how they pivoted from running a hostel (The Beehive) when the pandemic shut it down.

Come for Rome’s history, stay for its bagels by Erica Firpo.
This American couple is on a mission to make bagels part of an Italian breakfast



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I also enjoyed the read, but now I want one of those Mr. Crunch pizzas. ;)

Instinctively, I would say that bagels are not the most logical way to go. It's not a meal like, let's say, pizza, falafel or fish and chips. And most people want to be pampered with something sweet with their coffee. Especially, I think, Italians. But what do I know - there are bagel places that are successful. Hope they are too!
I keep hearing about this place in an expat group I'm in on Facebook. If I have to be honest, I was a bit surprised to hear that they were running a successful bagel shop in Italy, because I'd never met an Italian who liked/had ever even eaten a bagel! But I'm sure the American expats make for great customers, because we all miss "American food" sometimes!

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Linda and Steve are always creative when it comes to living in Italy. And they do it with grace, not to mention doing it all very well. Wishing them the best and I can't wait to be there to eat those tasty bagels.....

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