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Belgium Brugge 2019


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Saturday Beer Tasting (Vergulde Fontein)

Our hosts invited us to join their beer tasting downstairs last Saturday. We are not beer drinkers but decided to go.

Again, I was real impress with the space built in the 14th century. Nico started by telling us the story of how they discovered this space and what it took to excavate the space. It took two years to remove some 500+ years of debris.




Nico explained each of the six beers served with some snacks. I did surprise myself drinking and enjoying some of the beers. There were eleven guests: an American family of three, a couple of American guys, a Dutch couple, an Indian guy with a Chinese woman, and us. At €20/pp, it was a bargain.



....first beer


.....description of the six beers served.


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It rained most of Saturday, at times hard. But Sunday was dry for the "Discover Thailand in Bruges"

There were a lot of offerings - fruit and produce stalls; take-way food stalls; trinkets, accessories, clothing stalls; travel stall, even a massage stall, and a hair cutting/styling stall. There were also some entertainment and some fun rides for the children.





Also interesting (at least to me :oops:) to see the backside of the food stalls.





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In our walk today, we decided to turn right on a road we have not been on yet. The cool wind had picked up a bit, and the turn gave us some protection from the wind and lots of lovely sunshine. The road is lined with newer buildings and houses. But there were openings, so we checked them out - mostly green spaces. Not sure if they are public or private. We actually sat on a nice bench in one of them enjoying more sunshine. In another, this is what we saw -



Cows in the city of Bruges!!!


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Two new food items in my shopping cart yesterday -


Whelks (edible sea snails): Bought some from the fish market when they were still steaming hot. The first bite was salty and sandy. So, I took them all out of their shell and rinsed them thoroughly under tap hot water. So addicting.


Cherries: Quite good but rather pricey at about €0.25 each from the weekly market.

Susie L

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I can’t imagine running in that weather. The whelks look delicious, I llve that you’re adventurous enough to buy them!


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The runners looked miserable. The triathlon started when the temperature was around 90F. I was going to sit on our stoop and cheer them on but the warm air that greeted me when I opened the front door drove me back inside. So, I just watched some of them from the front window.

Not used to this kind of heat anymore. We do not have A/C but the the apartment was comfortable, kept below 75F/24C. Today's forecast is only up to 76F.

Susie L

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I think Paul needs a pair of those snazzy shoes! The prices are very reasonable, considering they are handmade.


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Another shoe lover here. Those are dreamy! Maybe they could be modified for women since they are handmade.

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