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Scotland Caledonia - the old, the rugged, the brave, the beautiful


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And I am grateful for your trip report! What lovely photos, and trip details. I felt like I was with you.

After your very wet trip to the Cotswolds a couple of Septembers ago, I was pleased to see that you were here for our driest September on record!!

Interesting that Edinburgh is surrounded by seven hills. So is Rome, and Bath! We have not been to Edinburgh since our 1988 big trip. We should get on a train and go up there! And I really need to plan a northern Scotland trip - it sounds fabulous.

Do you have a photo of the Fairy Pools?


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Sounds like a wonderful trip! The hikes you did sound and look - great photos - especially appealing, especially in the kind of good weather you had.
Since Scotland voted to remain in the UK we will still be able to travel there from Gloucestershire without showing a passport. You have reminded us that it would be well worth a visit.


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We have commented that after our very wet Cotswolds trip 2 years ago, the travel gods owed us. Well, they paid us back last year in the Italian Dolomites (no rain) and this year in Scotland. So, yes, very grateful.

I meant to post a few photos of the Fairy Pools - thanks for reminding me.

There are a bunch of pools; as you climb further along the trail, you encounter more. There are some neat rock formations, some waterfalls, and cave-like places, too. Here's a close-up of the turquoise hue of the waters.


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Another place that I would highly recommend for hiking and scenery is Glenelg, also on the western shores. The scenery there is just jaw-dropping beautiful. We drove through, stopped roadside for lunch; just didn't have the time to linger longer. The area is full of hiking trails and options. It's not as far north as Isle of Skye. If you were coming up from Gloucestershire, it may be a worthwhile consideration.


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Lovely trip report, and some great photos, which also make me all the more determined to get up there and do some hiking!

And the Edinburgh pics made me very glad that we are going up there next year - Philippa has entered the marathon (31st May); we're really looking forward to seeing the city again. The last time we were up there, we were with the 2-yr-old Nick (now 30...) - and he developed mumps while we were there. Not great, since P & I were playing in the orchestra for an obscure baroque opera in the Fringe, and N was booked in to a day nursery for the run - which promptly turned him away once his neck swelled up!

Kathy (Trekcapri)

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Hi Terry, this is a great report. I never got to the Fairly Pools so I enjoyed seeing your photos and reading your report on your visit there. Interestingly, all the Highland cows I saw were grazing in pastures and not on the roadway like the ones you encountered. . . the scottish sheep on the other hand. :D

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. It makes me want to return there.


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Yes, great report. Thanks for the details and the hiking pictures. It makes me want to go even more. Staying in a cottage in Scotland has been one of the items high on my travel list. Great pictures also.

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