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Carlux, anyone?


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This is pretty last minute but on Saturday we will be in the Carlux area for a few days. I know several of you have a lot of experience in that area. Can anyone suggest a great place to... have dinner? ...have lunch? ...buy picnic supplies? We will miss market day, so are relying on your generous help. Thank you in advance,


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Have you looked up the Bienvenue-à-la-ferme network near Carlux ?
These are farms that have side business as a part-time restaurant and/or butcher or charcutier or veg/fruit vendor, selling their own farm products.
Near you I only know

Auberge du Cantou in Ste Mondane

Auberge des Marthres in Salignac.

Both are near you. The food is not super-sophisticated but is super-fresh. And They are a great source for buying foie gras and rillettes. And also duck grease or goose greases which we loveto cook wth (and is healthy fat !)

If you go west toward the cluster of Plus Beaux Villages around Sarlat, one wonderful ferme-auberge in a nearby village is
L'Auberge de Layotte in Tursac. I recmmended it to Kathy who has been bringing her groups there and they've always loved it.


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Merci! Perfect resources...again! I will check these out now. I appreciate your time and sharing. -Laura

EDITED to tell Parigi that upon checking out the sites I see that we HAVE dined at the Auberge les Marthres on your suggestion (!) when we stayed in Salignac long ago!
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Not a ferme-auberge, but certainly one of our favorite restaurants in the area-- La Belle Etoile in La Roque-Gageac. http://hotel-belle-etoile-dordogne.fr/. Great for dinner, but I think our favorite is a long, leisurely lunch on the terrace -- assuming it's not too cold since we're there in May or October. Shouldn't be a problem for you in July! Enjoy, Laura!


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Ann! Thank you! I should have remembered this. I will add it to the list and try to reserve for Monday-bad day, but I’ll try!


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