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Cinque Terre. Looking for 4 bedroom accommodation recommendations.


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Consider staying in Levanto, the town north of the Cinque Terre. We spent 2 weeks there last year and loved it.

This agency is local, run by the owners of Villa Margherita (Hotel):

We rented a 2 bedroom apartment from them.


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Thank you Pauline.
Just had a look at their website and the quote was over 800 EUR per night.
Looking for a place below 500 EUR per night.
Any suggestions ?
It doesn't have to be in the Cinque Terre villages, just somewhere from which we can easily get to the villages by public transport.
Any websites you might suggest ? Which villages towns do you recommend staying at ?
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I haven't stayed overnight in Cinque Terre in a long while; however, I think a four-bedroom would be tough to find, except for some pricy villas. In addition to Pauline's suggestion of Levanto, you might also want to look at La Spezia and Lerici. Tellaro is also a lovely little town (like Cinque Terre but without the crowds), but public transport from there to CT would be rather convoluted.


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Thank you Lisa.

Now thinking of staying in Florence the whole trip and going to Cinque Terre on a day trip.
We thought of staying outside the city but it would be too much of a hassle travelling to Florence everyday.

Do you happen to have any recommendations for accommodation with 4 bedrooms, ( all adults ) ?



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