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Computer use in Italy - MacBook Air


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I am going to be in the Tuscan Hill country in September - will have a car - planning on taking my MacBook Air -
Is there any issue with use of MacBook Air registered in the US to use in Italy? Are system technologies compatible?

And power for charging the computer - I have adapters is that sufficient?

Thanks in advance.
Rea J - Colorado


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We used our Macbook in Italy and had no issues. The only issues were in streaming shows (i.e. Netflix) as not all shows have rights to be viewed in certain countries. We used the proper power adapter, but, if you bring a USB cable, most TVs have a USB port on the back you can also use to charge your phone/tablet/macbook. Hope this helps!


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I've made trips to Italy with a MacBook Air with no problem; it works fine if you'll have Wi-Fi, and if you have a European plug adapter it works with the European voltage.


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Howdy Andrew and Tatertots - thank you for the info - the place I am staying is with friends in Tuscany and they informed me they have reliable wi fi on their property. Good to know that I don't need to do a tech switch stateside before I leave - had to do that in Italy with an Italian cell phone SIM card back in the day and it was a bit of a hassle. I do have the power adapters that I will take with me. Again - thank you both!!! Rea

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