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Covid reality 2022?


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"Nature" is my preferred free-access source for news and articles on developments in science and technology. Its reporting throughout the pandemic has been very reliable and professional.
Its most recent editorial addresses realistic expectations for the near future with regards the pandemic, and makes a short and interesting read. The bottom line is that the virus will not be eradicated and that we all will have to adapt to living with it.
I guess that means another year of guessing for travelers....

From the article :
"But what is clear is that the hope that vaccines and prior infection could generate herd immunity to COVID-19 — an unlikely possibility from the start — has all but disappeared. It is widely thought that SARS-CoV-2 will become endemic rather than extinct, with vaccines providing protection from severe disease and death, but not eradicating the virus....

Meanwhile, new antiviral drugs, formulated in tablets that can be easily administered early in the course of infection to reduce the chance of serious disease and death, offer another approach against COVID-19....

All of these will expand the world’s capacity to manage SARS-CoV-2 outbreaks. They are cause for hope and optimism, but with a hefty dose of realism: the virus will continue to circulate and change, and governments must continue to rely on the guidance and advice of scientists. We will not always be able to predict the virus’s path, and we must be ready to adapt with it."



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Thanks for reminding me about Nature; I was a science writer in a previous life but hadn't looked at Nature in decades UNTIL: When the Webb telescope was launched into space, my rabbi was asking around for an article that would give a good idea, in layperson's language, of what scientists might hope to learn about the beginning of the universe. And after a bit I thought Nature! and sure enough they had a very good article.
So I will go back and see what they have to say about issues related to COVID.


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Hi @ItalophileNJ - when I was delving into the thick of the vaccine, I read these two good articles from the site, you might want to take a look. They describe the history and outlook for the mRNA technology :

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