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Current Covid Rates in Europe


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Rising Covid rates in Europe are in the news. They’ve been high in the UK for months, higher than most European countries. Here is a chart.


View: https://twitter.com/benkersben/status/1463593899365224459?s=21


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I fear the numbers here in the USA are going up up up especially in a few weeks after the Thanksgiving Holiday. Fortunately here in New England we have a good chunk of folks vaccinated and getting boosted!!


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At least the UK is acting quickly on the new variant. Six African countries have rejoined the UK’s ‘red’ list, effective from 12:00pm tomorrow:

South Africa

UK govt. has cited a new variant of concern identified in Botswana as the reason for these additions.


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There has been a series of fascinating articles in The Economist about the excess-death rates of the pandemic (the number of people who have died since the start of the pandemic, relative to a previous average base-line). While the better data comes only from the richer countries, and there are many difficulties in making a good estimate - still, the data shows that for the vast majority of countries, there clearly have been excess deaths because of the pandemic, and their number is apparently higher than the official statistics. The articles have breakdowns according to countries, many clear graphs and good explanations. Worth a read if the subject interests you :

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Things are moving fast. Travelers arriving in UK must self isolate until negative result from day 2 PCR test. More African countries added to UK red list. People arriving from those countries must do a hotel quarantine. Mask mandate for shops and transportation. I was in Waitrose yesterday and many people were not wearing masks.

Switzerland has added UK to their red list.


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I think Israel just closed its borders to all tourists! This is what they did in early March 2020 when we were there and had to leave.


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I think Israel just closed its borders to all tourists!
Indeed it has :

"Below are the new rules approved by the coronavirus cabinet on Saturday, as conveyed by the Prime Minister’s Office. The decisions will take effect at midnight between Sunday (28 November 2021) and Monday (29 November 2021) and remain in effect for 14 days.

“The entry of all foreign nationals to Israel is prohibited, except for cases approved by the exceptions committee.

“Israelis defined as either vaccinated or recovered according to Health Ministry procedures, will undergo PCR tests upon arriving in Israel, after which they will enter home quarantine. Subject to undergoing a second PCR test on the third day with a negative result, they will be released from quarantine. Whoever does not undergo an additional test on the third day will be required to complete a full quarantine." "


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Greece will be fining all unvaccinated citizens over the age of 60 , starting January 16, 100 Euros every month.

From The Guardian :
"“We are focusing our efforts on protection of our fellow citizens and for this reason their vaccination will be mandatory from now on,” Greek prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis told a cabinet meeting.

“Greeks over the age of 60 who have not been vaccinated must, by 16 January, booked an appointment for their first dose, or else they will face a €100 administrative fine every month.”

Greece has recorded a rise in infections this month, with daily cases hitting record highs. The country this month barred unvaccinated people from indoor spaces including restaurants, cinemas, museums and gyms, even if they had tested negative for the coronavirus."

I wonder how this step will play out.....and if it will be adopted in other countries.

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