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Daytrips from Geneva with Little Kids


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I am looking for ideas for day trips from Geneva that my family can do on a random Sunday. Load up the car, drive up to 1.5 hours, have fun, and drive home with tired, cranky, hungry kids. Anything and anywhere is fair game with an emphasis on historical sites, natural wonders, and cultural festivals and attractions. Any thoughts out there?



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How about driving to Evian in France, on the south shore of Lake Geneva? We’ve never stopped there but have driven thru a few times.

Or keep going into the French Alps. We spent a week in Samoens a few years ago and loved it. There is a lovely area at the end of the valley there, called Fer du Cheval I think, with easy walks along the river. If this interests you, I can post some photos.

On the Swiss side, we like Nyon, a cute town only 20 mins from Geneva airport. Lively historic center, some Roman ruins and on the lake. We’ve stayed there a few times before flights from Geneva.
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You must mean Nyon. Nyons with an s is in France, and I remember reading on one of the Slow boards that they started pronouncing the s to distinguish it from the Swiss town.


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I love Nyon, BUT! since you have children I have a better offer ;)

First option is Gruyere - the hometown of the popular Swiss cheese. The town of Gruyere by itself is amazing, it's like a fairytale come through. They have a real castle which you can visit and take photos from the very top.

But most importantly you can go to La Maison de Gruyere to show your kids how the cheese is made - it's a great and entertaining activity.

If you are travelling with teenagers you can stop by the museum of Giger - the guy who created Aliens. A very atmospheric place. They also have a thematic bar across the street which looks really cool.

Finally you can enjoy a fondue or raclette made from gruyere cheese in a local restaurant. The driving time from Geneva to Gruyere is about 2-3 hours.

Second option is to go to Lausanne's museum of olympic games. I went there with my son and he loved it (he is 8 and very much into sports). It's filled with priceless artefacts and items and tells you a story about how the games came into existence. As an adult I found it very interesting, too (I rented an audio guide).

I would definitely do both these things, to be honest, but definitely not on a same day! :D
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