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Deciding What To Wear!

We're heading to Copenhagen on Wednesday, then will depart on a Baltic Cruise visiting Berlin, Tallinn Estonia, St Petersburg, Helsinki and Stockholm. I had thought my cotton knit slacks from Land's End would be absolutely perfect, but now with the forecast showing highs in the mid to low 70s. I'm wondering if they will be too warm. And what about T-shirts? I was prepared for cooler temps! I have 4-5 long sleeve cotton knit T-shirts, figuring I'm going to need to wear my raincoat every day and that it will be very warm - but what if it's in the 70s? Will I be too hot? Sheesh! this is complicated! The possibility of rain is always there for all our stops, so the raincoat will be factored in. I have 2 short sleeve shirts packed now, I'm thinking about adding 1-2 more, and taking out 1 long sleeved shirt. I don't want to pack too much!!


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It may be north, but it is summer. This past week our temps (in southern England) have been mid 60s and we have had rain, but it is warm. I would exchange one or two long sleeved for short. Or bring a light cotton sweater that can go over short sleeved if it gets colder.

I was like this on our Amalfi trip in early May and ended up using everything I brought - long sleeved, short sleeved, fleece, rain jacket - the weather was all over the place.
Well, can't tell you for sure but, I did this cruise in mid August and wore long sleeves most days plus my windbreaker. So, be prepared with layers. Oh, and I bought wool mitts and socks and a blanket to use while on my balcony. Ships offer laundry service usually. Have a great trip!
Thanks! I'm also bringing gloves, just in case, and 2 headbands that can serve as ear-warmers. I guess my biggest concern is rain. The possibility of rain tradtionally exists almost every day, so when you leave the ship in the morning you've got to take everything with you, and if you decide to skip the raincoat, maybe you'll get wet. But - will will carry a small umbrella with me - maybe I should stick 2 disposable rain ponchos in my purse and be done with the drama!
Here's my list now - and this is for 13 days:

  • To wear on the plane: Lightweight black knit pants short, sleeved print top (quick dry!) and a lightweight sweater.
  • 2 pr mid-weight cotton knit slacks (Lands End, so the kneed dont sag after one wearing!) one pair dk blue, the other pair dark gray
  • 3 long sleeve cotton knit shirts - 2 solid, one print
  • 2 short sleeve shirts (plus the one I'm wearing on the plane)
  • 1 long sleeve button front shirt that can be worn alone, as either long or short(er) sleeves, or layered over a long or short sleeve shirt
  • one raincoat, not terrbile heavy, but lined and it vinyl or something similiar, rather than being a cloth (treated) raincoat.
  • One pair navy capri pants, just in case the knot pants are too hot. These can get by without ironing. I'd take slacks by the only non-iron pair I have is black polyester and they might be too hot, and I can barely button my jeans and I can't be miserable on vacation, so they're out too!
Okay, this is the most confusing vacation I've ever done! I think I'll go through the same dilemma for Alaska during the first 2 weeks of August. As Pauline said, "It may be north, but it is summer"!
Sounds like you have lots. I was lucky-no rain for me, but cool and windy. Also, use to take long black jersey dress and silk shawl for formal night. I didn't go to evening program in Russia, but those that did dressed up a bit.
We are doing a very similar cruise in late July so I will be really interested to see how your packing list worked out as I am having the same issues and your list looks like it could be mine :). We will start with 6 days in Stockholm and end up in London. Will it be hot, cool or some of both (I suspect the later). I try very hard to stick to carry-on size bag for trips so I don't want to bring something I won't use. Have a great time - Bon Voyage!
<sigh> Because of the liquids rule we almost always need to check at least one bag, and we'll have to do that on this trip, but we are using 2 smaller bags rather than our 27" soft-sided roll-aboard. One is a small rolling duffle and the other is our Rick Steves bag from our first trip together in 1989! We'll also have a backpack with electronics, documents, meds and umbrellas.I think I'm set!

Art added a pair of shorts and another short sleeved shirt. I switched to a nylon shell rain coat, and added a sweater that can be dressy, but it'll also keep me warm, much more so than the lightweight one I'm wearing on the plane. And now I'm thinking it's crazy to be stressing out over a sweater, so I'm offically done - the suitcases are packed, everything's ready to go! I wish I had some Ambien for the flight!
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Headed to Copenhagen in a couple of weeks. After four days in Copenhagen, we leave on a cruise which skirts the northern coast of Norway all the way to the Russian Solovetsky Island and then back along the coast to the Shetland islands. I am thinking layering will be key. Ordered a rain poncho (mine is worn out) that looks easy to pack and has a bit of style. Should be good for any chilly days and of course, rainy days. Anything you wish you had taken or left behind?
In Baltics, weather could get very irregular - one day it could be pouring all day long, and the other could get hot just like it is in Africa. However, as I've saw from your description, you will get along just fine:)


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