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This Xenforo forums software has a lot of features. This is one that I like. Click on NEW POSTS in the tab list under the FORUMS tab at the top of the forums and you see all the threads with new posts since your last visit, and threads with posts you have not read yet.

From this New Posts section you can also see NEW MEDIA, NEW RESOURCES (which I have to rename as Travel Notes) and NEW PROFILE POSTS (we can post on our profile).

Here is a screensnap.


Ian Sutton

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Yes, it's a feature I use regularly here and especially works well when there are a number of forums of interest. If you find that there are threads from some forums that just hang around unopened (and hence clog up the list) then in the new posts view, you'll see the 'mark forums read', click on that (+ OK the prompt) and you clear the view down so it's easier to see new stuff of interest



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