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In a Camino newsletter I receive, there is the following information:

"Are you tired of paying $15 a day for EasyRoam when you only make one call? Or paying an inordinate amount to your service provider for one gig of data? Or giving up your Canadian phone number when you buy a SIM card in Europe? If, indeed, you can buy one right away. We hear of Canadians in France having to wait several days while their identity is checked. Perhaps the answer is an e-SIM card.

An e-SIM is software embedded in the device to replace the circuitry on the traditional plastic SIM card. Currently, the latest phones carry the e-SIM software along with the traditional card. Ultimately, they will carry only the e-SIM software. The e-SIM cards are often called digital SIM cards.

What does this mean for the traveller? The latest iPhones and Android phones allow dual SIM cards, one physical and one electronic. This means that the traveller can install (download) an e-SIM to use abroad. This can be purchased online from a European provider such as Orange, if you need both data and a phone number, or from a company such as Yesim or Airalo if you need only data. The latter is cheaper, but you will need to use WhatsApp to make a phone call. But before you purchase an e-SIM card, make sure your phone can accept it. "

Have any travellers had experience with any of these services? What recommendations do people have? I have had no experience with this type of service.


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I do the opposite. I moved my UK phone line to the eSIM and when we travel to Israel I buy an Israeli SIM ahead of time and put it in the phone. The iPhone let’s me choose which SIM to use. I did this a few years ago and used it several times.

It makes sense to do it the way they suggest so you don’t have to get a physical SIM card.


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Just to make things more interesting - the 4 new iPhone 14 models sold in the USA are e-sim only. I think I read they can store up to 8 e-sims. You can have two in use at the same time.

Unfortunately, this means you need to select a service provider capable of working with e-sims. Not all are.
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In the iPhone world you need an iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, or later with iOS 12.1 or later, to use eSims. I'm not sure about the Android world. On the iPhone you can have multiple eSims and one physical loaded but can only have two active at one time. This is very helpful for folks who travel to three or more countries.

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