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Email from Slow Europe Forums - See what you missed


Forums Admin
Today I received an email from the forums with a list of recent threads and posts. I’ve never received one of these before and I, as administrator, did not request that this email be sent!

Did everyone receive this email? Here is what it looked like:

I had a look and there is an option to receive these emails and it is set on, but I didn’t do this. This must be new - receive activity summary email?

It looks like this is a new feature and is sent when someone is inactive for 14 days. It was sent to my test account! People have been receiving these. Sorry! You can opt out.

I have reset this feature to send a summary email if you’ve been inactive for 30 days. You get one email, then another 30 days later, then no more.
Yep. And they don't define "a while". Did you not visit the site for more than 2 hours?:rolleyes:
I check the site every day of course. It was my test account that got the email! It was set to send if inactive for 14 days. I changed it to 30 days. But most of us have been inactive for a year!!

I really need to send out a newsletter. I am behind on my yearly newsletter. It just seemed pointless last year.
I have received an email during the last few weeks. I check the forums most days but usually do not log in unless I wish to post.
Actually, I don't mind getting these, since they're not intrusive and it's not like I get them in my Inbox every other day! I think every 30 days is reasonable.
I got one today, and loved it! It reminded me to check in here since it has been so long! I've been a bit busy this summer :)
FWIW I also get one from the admin of another site that uses the same software.
I follow a health forum and receive this type of email every Sunday and I like it. I did change our options recently to send the summary more often. You only receive it if you haven’t been on the forums in a certain number of days (I need to check how I set it).

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