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EU Covid Apps for entry to museums, restaurants, etc.


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Some European countries require proof of vaccination status for entry to events, restaurants, etc.

For Brits your NHS app gets you into the country at the border but does not get you into events, etc. Same for Americans with their CDC card.

For that you need the country’s Covid app.

For Brits traveling to Europe

For Brits the NHS Covid Pass Letter (see link below to request) has a QR code that the country‘s Covid app uses. BUT the app reads your NHS QR Code but does not verify it because the UK has not joined the EU Digital Covid Certificate Scheme so you may not get into places. More about this in the Twitter thread below. It look like you can go to a pharmacy in the country and get verified

Get your letter here:

This long thread on Twitter gives more details.

View: https://twitter.com/jonworth/status/1420295415971319811?s=21

For Americans/Canadians traveling to Europe



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Yup. With Italy and France soon requiring a digital green card for entry to various places including museums and indoor dining, I’m seeing very little concrete info on how this would work for US citizens with our little slip of paper. I’m not planning on traveling until Spring, but if things improve, ( optimistic, I know)... Anyone have details? Italy Info for Tourists


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I hope I'm wrong, but from what I understand, the USA will not participate in EU's Digital Green Passport program. My state of California has set-up an online vaccination verification system, and your state may have done the same. You can check , starting with this LINK. I have my doubts that the EU wants to deal with 50 individual states. We may be stuck carrying around our individual CDC Covid-19 Vaccination Record Card ("our little slip of paper"). I suggest that you create an online copy as back-up. I am hopeful that this situation changes.
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The Local France has an article about US travelers getting Covid passports.

“Guidance from the US Embassy in France notes: "For people vaccinated in the United States with a CDC card, any willing French doctor or pharmacist can enter the vaccination information in the French system, even for people who do not have a French social security number or carte vitale. This will allow the person to generate a paper or electronic (through the French Tous Anti Covid app) version of the health pass.

"Since this is a new process, please anticipate that not all pharmacies/doctors are yet accustomed to or aware of this possibility."”


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I think it is still all shaking out, at least in Italy. But here it also reads that you can access those places with a recent negative swab test for those not vaccinated. For US visitors, what I understand is the CDC vaccination card is valid proof.


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The France Covid app now accepts the UK apps proof of vaccination. Previously you had to go to a pharmacy to have them check your documents and update your France app.

From The Local: The French government announced on Wednesday evening that people vaccinated in England and Wales would be able to use their NHS QR code with the French health pass, to access museums, restaurants, trains and other venues.

Edited to add: I did this now and it worked. I opened the France app on my phone and scanned the QR codes from the NHS app and they were accepted.
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