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Europe open in July for UK and US travelers?


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Paul Charles, a travel consultant who is well known in the UK, says travel in Europe will open up this summer. I think Brits and Americans will be traveling in Europe and Israel from July onwards.

From the article:

May 17 - ... Those with higher vaccination rates will start opening up to UK tourists before the end of May, namely Israel, USA, Gibraltar, Malta, and UAE – as long as their vaccine programmes continue at pace. ...

End of June - ... most European and short-haul countries will be accessible from the UK. ...

July onwards - ... most European countries will be safely accessible for July and August. ...


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Fingers crossed. I so want to book a trip to Italy for the fall, partly because once I have something booked even if far away it gives me something to look forward to.


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Paul Charles has added percent of population vaccinated (1 dose) to the traffic light chart. He uses this to predict which countries will be open to travel this summer.

View: https://twitter.com/ppaulcharles/status/1377348446437400583?s=21

His tweet: We now have new data analysis based on the current trajectory of country vaccination / infection rates. Green are the countries which should be accessible from May 17th , where we expect just a lateral flow test on return to the UK if you’ve been jabbed once. @ThePCAgency


Sharon J

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There goes our third trip. We always visit Italy at the end of May into June, and again in October. This May trip will be our third trip lost. Hoping October will be open. We ALWAYS start or finish our trips with Nico at Sant'Antonio. His property is like a second home for us. I know how badly this has hit his area, and we miss his lovely property SO much.

Tim W

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The issue is likely to be not which countries are open to people from the UK, but if people can get back into the UK without the "quarantine hotels". I'm not going to head to Italy if I need to spend £1,500 and 10 days in a hotel on my arrival back.


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I'm not going to head to Italy if I need to spend £1,500 and 10 days in a hotel on my arrival back.
I agree. There is no way I am staying in a quarantine hotel.

I am booking our August - September Switzerland trip now and most AirBnb places let you cancel up to a few days before. I've never seen cancelation policies like that on AirBnb. Booking.com usually has policies like that which is why I like them. It feels GREAT to be trip planning again. Fingers crossed that it happens!


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I hope Paul Charles is right about green zone countries. As several of you know, we're in the opposite position to many of those on these boards: in Europe (well, sort-of, post Brexit...), but really wanting to get to the US to visit family who we haven’t seen for 18+ months! We (and they) are/will be fully vaccinated by next month, and so far Colorado is looking reasonably ok, infection-wise. So we're really hoping for a trip, July-August time.

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