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Information Famous Monuments and Museums's Admission Tickets in Italy


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As a local (and as someone who has worked in the tourism branch) I thought it was right to inform people who want to travel to Italy and visit the very famous monuments about something important concerning the admission tickets.

If you search on the Internet - you might have realized it - you won't find the official websites among the first results. Quite the contrary. You will find private organizations, agencies and intermediators that, obviously, will charge you more. Nothing wrong with buying at independent sellers, if they offer you more interesting and tailor-made services, but I think it should be underlined the fact that they are not the official ones. The official websites are so poorly placed on Google that you hardly find them (the one of Rome's Colusseum and Fori for example is almost impossible to find).

So yeah, just saying, pay attention if you want the official sellers.
Thanks for this. We just visited Venice. We approached so independent guides but found the prices very expensive. It's worth noting that many churches that charge admission in the week are free on Sunday


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