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  1. B

    Family of Nine - Tales of a European Adventure (Paris, Florence, Venice and Rome)

    Family of Nine - Tales of a European Adventure (from 2005) By b&j and the gang from Massachusetts, USA, Summer 2005 Three weeks in August: Paris, Florence, Venice and Rome with family of nine. This trip report was originally posted on SlowTrav.com. Prelude to a Trip..... We are a family with...
  2. Pauline

    BOOK GIVEAWAY Italian Mystery by J. L. Crellin - CLOSED

    @Tina (J. L. Crellin) has offered five digital copies of her book “She Left No Note, Lake Iseo Italy Mystery 1” for Slow Europe members. WE HAVE OUR WINNERS. THE GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED. The first five members who correctly answer the skill testing questions below will be emailed a PDF or EPUB of...
  3. B

    7 nights stay in charming Italian village close driving distance to Zurich airport

    Hello, we are in Switzerland and planning a 7 night getaway down to Italy traveling by car from Zurich from Dec. 15 to December 23rd when we will fly out of Zurich airport. We will rent a home/apartment for 7 nights. Does anyone have recommendations of a charming fun Italian homebase during...
  4. K

    Connecting flight

    Hello! I booked a flight from Malta to Prague with a 1 hr connecting flight to Treviso airport. Just wanted to know if by any chance after I arrived do I need to get through security again to get to my connecting flight? Has anyone experience this? Thanks!
  5. J

    Zurers in Italy 2023

    Tuesday June 13: Day 1 - Vercelli We arrive in Milan in the late morning...our plane is 2.5 hours late and the travel day has been a bit difficult. There was heavy rain on the road to Newark, our plane was delayed, the United Club was mobbed, and there was a lot of chaos at the gate. Once the...
  6. Pauline

    Mystery She Left No Note, Lake Iseo Italy Mystery 1, by J L Crellin

    She Left No Note, Lake Iseo Italy Mystery 1, by J L Crellin An excellent first mystery in what I hope turns into a series. It is set in the present day in a town on Lake Iseo in northern Italy. The mystery involves an Italian woman who married a British visitor and the action takes place in...
  7. M

    Campania & Amalfi Coast Two wonderful weeks in Massa Lubrense

    What Do You Do There? Two wonderful weeks in Massa Lubrense By caplanco from colorado, Spring 2003 We try to spend five to seven weeks in Italy every two years. Several of our friends, while somewhat envious, are also curious. “What do you do there for all that time,” they ask? “We just live,”...
  8. M

    The "i'"s Have It

    By caplanco from Colorado, Fall 2007 September 21 - October 28, 2006 Opening "i"s along the way from the Dolomites to Rome. Caplanco and her husband travel from the North of Italy down to Rome over the course of five weeks, visiting as many "i"s (aka tourist information offices) as they can...
  9. RomeFromHome

    Rome Return to Rome

    By Liveforhols from UK, Summer 2013 June 20th - July 4th, our 7th trip to the Eternal City and still we sight see, enjoy delicious meals, and have a day trip to Florence. This trip report was originally published on SlowTrav.com. Arrived at lunchtime to find our Rome Cabs driver waiting. He...
  10. RomeFromHome

    Rome Home in Rome

    By Liveforhols from UK, Summer 2014 Our eighth visit to Rome armed with a list of things we still haven't seen! This trip report was originally posted on SlowTrav.com. Gnocchi Thursday Here we are in our 'home in Rome' and, for a fortnight at least, we can pretend that this tiny apartment in...
  11. M

    Rome Two Sisters on an Un-Slowtravel Trip to Rome & Florence

    By margaretlb from New York, Fall 2006 Two sisters on a jammed-packed itinerary in Rome and Florence during October 2006. The Day Has Finally Arrived! Buongiorno Roma! In April, my sister and I decided to take a trip to Rome and Florence to celebrate Sis’ 50th birthday. She had never visited...
  12. Pauline

    Two Weeks in Liguria, Tuscany and Rome, Italy, 2003

    Trip Plan After our Switzerland trip, we went on to Italy. In Switzerland we spent 2 nights in Zurich on arrival, pickup up a rental car, 2 nights in Konstanz, Germany, then 2 weeks in Saanen, near Gstaad in the Swiss Alps. From there we drove to Liguria. Link to Switzerland trip report. 11...
  13. italian excursion

    Lazio A Week in Northern Lazio

    Many people bypass this part of Italy on their way to Tuscany, Umbria, Venizia or Como. But a week in this region will surprise and delight; not to mention steals your heart. If you are a lover of Italy, don't miss this special area. And I promise you will return, as I have so many times...
  14. italian excursion

    Lazio My Italian Community in Bagnoregio

    It's been many years since I first started vacationing in Italy. What was once an adventure in travel for me has become so much more. The little village of Bagnoregio, outside Orvieto in the tri-corner of Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio, has become a second home for me. I now make time to go there...
  15. italian excursion

    Umbria In Love With Orvieto

    My personal addiction to Italian culture happened several years before my encounter with the extraordinary hill town of Orvieto over 12 years ago, when friends brought me for three weeks of travel to this densely artistic place. I fell so in love with what I experienced that I’ve made two or...
  16. J

    Zurers in Italy 2022 (finally)

    Trip Itinerary So after three years, we are off again to Italy. Here is our itinerary. 1 - April 26: Sesto Calende (near Malpensa) 2 - April 27-May 2: Turin (Piemonte) 3 - May 2-6: Asti (Piemonte) 4 - May 6-10: Piacenza (Emilia-Romagna) 5 - May 10-12: Lerici (Liguria) 6 - May 12-17: San...
  17. Kim

    Florence Mommy's Week Out

    By Kim from New Jersey, Fall 2001 Kim and her girlfriend leave their families behind and take a seven day trip to Italy, November 7 - 13. They stay in Florence and do some day trips from there. This trip report was originally posted on SlowTrav.com. Giorno Uno - We depart and other nonsense...
  18. Kim

    Tuscany A November Sojourn

    By Kim from New Jersey, Fall 2003 Our gang, and another family spend a few nights in Rome and then a week in a rental in Castelmuzio, Tuscany. There are seven of us, four adults and three girls (ages seven and ten). This trip report was originally posted on SlowTrav.com. Background Okay – so I...
  19. Kim

    Just The Two of Us...We Can Eat It if We Try

    Just The Two of Us...We Can Eat It if We Try By Kim from New Jersey, Spring 2005 Chris, my husband, and I spent a bit over two weeks in Italy. Arriving in Rome, spending a night in Abruzzo, driving to a masseria near Ostuni for six nights, a night in Frascati, then a week in an apartment in...
  20. Kim

    Tuscany Kim's Family Extravaganza - An extended family travels together to Rome, Venice and Tuscany

    By Kim from New Jersey, Summer 2002 9-Person Family Vacation This trip report was originally published on slowtrav.com. Opinions and Observations Well, I finally finished writing my trip report for our trip last June. I'm going to start by posting some general opinions/observations below and...