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finding gas on the way to Malpensa


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Has anyone returned a car to Malpensa early in the morning recently? I will be dropping the car off about 6:30am coming from Como. I’m concerned about getting gas that early in the morning. My memory is that there aren’t many gas stations on the way. Thanks.


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Best way to solve the problem :

1) Plan your route to the airport
2) Open Google Maps on the area on your route that is close to the airport. Enter "gas stations" in the search box. Many will appear.
3) Choose one that looks appropriate. When you click on it, you'll get the info you need : opening hours etc.
4) Make sure you have filled gas at an Italian gas station already, and know the ropes, things can be tricky when trying to use a credit card (or even cash).
5) It's a good idea to look at the station in Street View, to get an idea of what it looks like and how exactly to access it from the road
6) Take a look at the reviews of the station, sometimes they are helpful
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Hi Giulia - you're right, that was sort of a generalization on my part. I meant bigger stations, not companies, but your remark still holds.

My saying this was based on a bad experience we had once when filling a rental before returning it to Malpensa. We came across this small, rather run-down gas station in the vicinity of Turbigo - this was afternoon, but nobody was there and I didn't understand how to make the machine work (or else it was malfunctioning). IAC, since then we've only used rather large gas stations, and have never had a problem.
Being a tourist has its problems.

IAC, I'll remove that sentence in my post.

Jim Zurer

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This is a link to a Google Map with a number of the gas stations near Malpensa.

Gas Stations near Malpensa

I usually approach from the north (Somma Lombardo) and I have used one or two of the stations shown on that road.

Self-service is still a bit tricky in Italy though I think a lot easier than it was twenty years ago when I would regularly screw up and lose money.


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