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Memoir Frances Mayes' "See You at the Piazza"


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If anyone needs any inspiration for off the beaten track places to visit, restaurants/menus, accommodation, some light history and art appreciation or just simply to reminisce, immediately pickup a copy of Frances Mayes' latest travelogue "See You at the Piazza" -it's a gem - not just the proverbial listing of must dos. Enjoy.


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I'll have a look for that one, thanks.
I once made the mistake of getting an audiobook narrated by Frances Mayes herself, one of her Tuscany books; and listened for only 5 minutes before turning it off and returning it to the library.
She writes beautifully, but her speaking voice is drab and very, very flat with no affect.
A shame really.
Apologies to anyone who thinks otherwise!


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Since Frances Mayes lives near me, when not in Italy, I attended her reading and so have an autographed copy. I've tried several times to get into it, but her very long, flowery sentences--for the sake of it, not adding to a plot--are cumbersome to the storyline. Maybe I need to try again.


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I loved her Under the Tuscan Sun but we tried to listen to her next Italy book years ago on tape and could not deal with those “very long, flowery sentences”. I follow her on Facebook and Instagram and enjoy her posts. I’ll get the sample for the new book and give it a try.


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I did find "See You at the Piazza" in our library; but I only read about areas I had been to in Italy.
I agree that her sentences are almost too descriptive, if that is possible; and the food descriptions sound almost gluttonous and greedy.
Not sure how else to describe it.
I took it back to the library after I had read only a few short bits. Oh well.


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My wife loves this book and is highlighting and making many notes with it.


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I associate Frances Mayes best with Under the Tuscan Sun. Really enjoyed that one (can't believe it's been over 20 years since it was released!) and the movie that was based on the book (Diane Lane is great in it). Will find a copy, I don't mind 'flowery' sentences so I'll see if it bothers me in a way that it did others.


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