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General strike Oct. 25


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This Friday, there's a general strike scheduled, but don't expect a complete shutdown of the country. One list in Italian from the Transportation Ministry's site is here. For Trenitalia, the Frecce (the main high-speed trains) are scheduled to run. For any transportation you're planning to take, you might see if their website gives information on what's planned.


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Thanks, Andrew, for posting this. We were scheduled to leave from Rome to Venice tomorrow morning on Italo. That train is not guaranteed to run and besides, I don't want to have to deal with all the craziness that goes with a general strike. I was able to change our tickets for today, cutting our time here in Rome short. C'est la vie.

And again, grazie mille.


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I was wondering if Italotreno workers belong to the same unions as Trenitalia employees and it turns out that they do, it would have been a nice point of difference for them if that wasn't the case.

Italo publishes the list of trains that run even during a strike, as does Trenitalia. You can find the list here: https://www.italotreno.it/~/media/Images/content/pdf/sciopero/lista_treni_garantiti.pdf

I've not bothered to check prices against the lists, I would assume that the guaranteed trains price out a little higher than the others but that may not be the case.


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Venice was nuts today, with masses of extremely confused people gathering around the vaporetto docks at Ferrovia. Most trains were running, and we walked to the station and easily caught a train to Mestre to pick up our car.

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