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TV Series Giri/Haji - Japan and England murder series


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Giri/Haji, a BBC and Netflix production, gets a bad review in the Guardian, but we are enjoying the series. It is a murder mystery set in both Japan (Tokyo) and England (London). It is available to stream (all episodes) on BBC iplayer.

The Guardian - Giri/Haji review – Kelly Macdonald crime show is all killer and no thriller
From mob murders to snakes in letterboxes, this journey through the underbellies of London and Tokyo should be a smash. How have the BBC and Netflix managed to make it such a bore?


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We both loved this show! I can't understand why it got a mediocre review. I loved the mix of British and Japanese. The last episode summarizes the relationships in the story in a dance scene! The "previously on" at the start of each episode is done like a graphic novel. Just fantastic!

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Interesting...I started to record it but was put off by the Guardian review. Will take another look. Thanks.


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