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Google Street View is sometimes quite out-dated


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I had a funny experience while using Street View to look for a certain business in the Italian countryside, that we had been to in 2016. The establishment appeared in its name on Google Maps, and the appropriate details (general info, photos, etc.) popped up when clicking on the name.
However, when taking a look at the place on Street View, the place seemed closed down : it was looking run-down and had a "for sale" sign on it.

I thought : Oh, no! One of the best places we ran into on that trip perhaps didn't survive the corona crisis, or times got hard, or whatever - and the place had to close. Even the domain of the website had been taken.

On second thought, I decided that this was a bit strange, because there were good reviews of the place from the last six months. Things apparently cleared up when I finally checked from which year the imagery in Street View was taken : it was 2011! So actually I am guessing that this was how the place looked like before it was purchased and turned into the business it is. And Street View for this area is nine years old...

So I learned something I had not noticed previously - Street View is of course not completely up-to-date, but it can be seriously out of date in areas that are not frequented very much. I wonder how they decide to update....


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