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Guess this photo - March 2017

Discussion in 'Travel Fun' started by Susan (Girasoli), Mar 2, 2017.

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  1. Susan (Girasoli)

    Susan (Girasoli) Member +

    Hi everyone,

    I'm reviving a game that was done on Slow Travel. A photo is posted and everyone guesses the photo. For each photo, you can state what the guess should be (e.g. place, landmark, etc.). That way, we can leave it wide open depending on the type of photo. If necessary, more clues are given. The person who guesses correctly gets to post the next photo in this same thread.

    I am starting with a pretty easy photo. For this photo - guess where it was taken (the emphasis on where) with a bonus of the name of the building.

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  2. JustTravel

    JustTravel Member +

    Pisa Cathedral in Pisa?
  3. Ian Sutton

    Ian Sutton Member +

    Agree Pisa, guessing taken from the leaning tower, but don't know which building.

    I'm also guessing you couldn't get me close enough to the edge to take such a photo :eek:
  4. Susan (Girasoli)

    Susan (Girasoli) Member +

    Yes! You are both correct. JustTravel, yes, it is a photo of the cathedral (or Il Duomo di Santa maria Assunta) located in Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa. Ian, you guessed correctly that I took this photo from the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa or Torre pendente di Pisa, which was has been one of my all time favorite tower climbs.

    Since you both guessed correctly, either one of you can go next. :)
  5. JustTravel

    JustTravel Member +

    Another easy one, I think.

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  6. Colo

    Colo Member +

    Always like to photo games

    I am going to say Brugge, Belgium.
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  7. JustTravel

    JustTravel Member +

    You are correct, Colo.

    Your turn.....
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  8. Colo

    Colo Member +


    Why Thank You Just Travel! The flag in the picture helped a lot. :)

    Well here is a place that is not on the usual tourist path, but not to far off.
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  9. PokeyMindy

    PokeyMindy Member +

    Glad to find this thread! Colo, I have NO idea but why not guess, right? I'll say Slovenia :cool:
  10. Colo

    Colo Member +

    Slovenia it is not...
    Here is a hint...
    Sitting on a boat you can see Switzerland and Germany
  11. JustTravel

    JustTravel Member +

    Between Switzerland and Germany - Lake Constance?

    Never been but considered at one time.
  12. Pauline

    Pauline Forums Admin

    On Lake Constance looking at Konstanz on the German side?
  13. Colo

    Colo Member +

    Very close - Since we are looking at Germany it would be the Bodensee (Lake Constance).
    The town is not Konstanz, it is on the other side of the bank on the Mainland side and known for it's promenade that I think is the longest in Germany.
  14. Überlingen, view from Lake Constance.
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  15. Colo

    Colo Member +

    We Have A Winner!

    Really nice town off the major tourist route.
    Lots to see and do close by.

    You are up Kathy
  16. Hi Colo, thanks....that was a great choice.

    There are two main subjects in this photo and if you can guess either one or both you're the winner. IMG_0362.jpg
  17. JustTravel

    JustTravel Member +

    It looks like Charles Bridge in Prague.

    We were there in May 2005 for two weeks.
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  18. JustTravel

    JustTravel Member +

    And is that the Prague Castle?
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  19. Hi Just Travel, yes you are correct on both counts! I had a wonderful time here. Such a photogenic city.

    You're next.
  20. JustTravel

    JustTravel Member +

    One of my favorite photos, taken in May 2005 on Charles Bridge.

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