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Guess This Photo - May 2018


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To close out April, chachalaca opened up the aperture and left the shores of Europe.
How about for the month May we continue that trend for the month and see new sights and new places.
Anywhere in the world - Europe Included. Next month we can return to our familiar area of Europe.

Here is the kickoff shot - with the first hint...
It is a timely shot because of past events.

Where is this.jpg


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I guess not much interest...
Here is another hint
You probably saw this bridge during the Arab Spring

Tim W

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Not lack of interest - I just have no clue.

Although, with your follow up - the boat looks very much like one that my friends took on a Nile Cruise - so I would guess Egypt (and it's probably Cairo)


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Tim you are correct.
The Kasr Al Nile Bridge leads into Tahrir Square in Cairo
Here is shot from the Egyptian Chronicles of the bridge it 2011
The shot was from the opposite shore from my shot. Mine was taken from the tall hotel you see in the picture below.


Maybe I need to give better hints on the initial post.
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Tim - this one is too close to home so I will be very quiet
shhhhhhhhhhh no talking!


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Well done Ian - Bill's Pad in deed, although from the back rather than the more usual front view
Screen shot 2018-05-06 at 17.03.36.png

Actually I was very disappointed whenn I visited. Described as Shakespeare's Birthplace, this isn’t the house Shakespeare would have recognised. It has had a chequered history and was extensively restored by the Victorians. The Shakespeare family only lived in part of the house and the extension at the back was added in the C17th when the house became an inn. The original limestone floor in the parlour is the only thing in the house which has a direct connection to Shakespeare. In fact we don't even know for certain that the 'birthroom' is actually the room he was born in. None of the furniture has any direct connection to Shakespeare.

I have to admit, I much preferred Hall’s Croft near the church, where Shakespeare’s daughter and husband lived.

Over to you...
Lovely write up Eleanor. I don't think I've knowingly been there, but having been to Stratford-upon-Avon many times when growing up, there's a fair chance I've been near it.

An unusual one from me. The location is our fireplace. However it's the quirky pottery christmas decorations that are the question. What (European) country were they made in?

No correct answer, but keep the guesses coming. A small clue - the country is to the east of all guesses so far.


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Let's go east
Latvia? They are known for nouveau buildings.
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Truly 100% guess - Not a clue - Guess I should go by a lottery ticket!

So here is one that may interest old movie buffs.



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