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Guess this photo - November 2018

Tim W

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For some reason, it is very slow opening on my PC, but the Portuguese flag had given me a rough idea.

I think it might be Guimaraes

Tim W

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Thanks Ann - I was just lucky as last week I had been writing up my personal webpages for our Portuguese trip last year - and Guimaraes castle was one of the places we had visited.

Try this one.
Going as much by the clue, as faded memories of a visit, is it the Borgo Medievale in Parco Valentino, Torino?
A rather surprisingly enjoyable facsimile. :)

Next photo might be a tough one I'm afraid, but I'm out of other photo options again
winter.jpeg (2).jpeg
As a clue. There are not one, but two cathedrals in this city, though this is the better known / more central and older than the other by almost 800 years.
It is indeed Eleanor, this photo taken of the Cloisters, a pleasantly quiet place.


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