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TV Series Happy Valley finale on Sunday

Jim Zurer

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We have mixed feelings about the upcoming series finale of Happy Valley on Sunday....it's been quite a ride. But we really want to find out what happens. Sarah Lancashire and the whole cast are terrific and I can't say enough about Sally Wainwright's writing....just wow!!!

Yes, Sally Wainwright was busy for a few years with Gentleman Jack. This third series picks up several years later, and with still unfinished business between Catherine, Tommy and young Ryan, abd Catherine in the last few weeks before retiring from the police. Tomorrow night is the final episode. Reportedly, they've shot several different dénouements so that no-one will know how it's going to end.
I remember enjoying this show, although I don't remember all that much about the details. Anyone with a crystal ball as to whether it's going to be picked up by a streaming service so that we nonUK folk can watch it? (Not interested in watching it on my computer with a VPN or any other work around.) I'm in no hurry, just would watch it if it were available.
I found this on ExperrReviews:

Happy Valley fans in the US will have to wait a little longer to stream the third season, with the series not slated to land on BBC America until May 2023. If you prefer to stream, season three will release simultaneously on AMC Plus, where the first two seasons are currently available. Keeping things tidy, Amazon subscribers can add AMC Plus as a streaming channel on Prime Video US, for an additional monthly fee, saving themselves from remembering an extra set of login details.
Thank you, Patrick London. I will wait until they have all aired and then do a month of AMC+ streaming. Meanwhile I might watch the earlier seasons to refresh my memory.
Yes, I certainly needed to do that. And (no spoilers) the final resolution does draw on/refer back to various things appearing in the earlier series - being aware of those makes it all the more satisfying.
I’m so glad you reminded me of this series. I’ve been waiting for the third season. The writing and acting are excellent. Looks like I have to wait until May.
We watched the season and it was really good. The finale was a very satisfying conclusion.

Now I am reading about the BBC One police drama "Better" which gets great reviews.

We watched the season and it was really good. The finale was a very satisfying conclusion.

Now I am reading about the BBC One police drama "Better" which gets great reviews.

"The Gold" also has gotten good writeups...

We REALLY liked the Australian family drama series "Love My Way (2004-2007)".....well written, very dramatic, with wonderful actors who inhabit their characters, and, in the end, extremely poignant. We watched it on Acorn here in the U.S. There are three seasons (30 episodes) and we watched as many in a row as we could each night. Something to be aware of...this is an adult show and there is a lot of drinking, some drug use, and lots of sexual situations. The co-creator and lead actress Claudia Karvan is a marvel.

If you are going to watch, I would advise avoiding spoilers and not reading the episode descriptions before watching.


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