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Has anyone stayed overnight at a winery near Mt. Etna? looking for feedback

We're oh-so-close to booking our trip to Sicily in October, and am trying to decide whether it would be charming and lovely to spend our first night in a winery near Mt. Etna, and then our next two nights in Taormina, or just stay in Taormina all three nights and do a day trip to Etna.

I know Slow travelers usually recommend against 1night stays, if anyone has stayed at Barone di Villagrande, or Tenuta Fessina, or Fischetti Wineray, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

I will check when I get home tonight. Depending on our final trip dates, and whether we fly into CTA for mid-to-late afternoon, it might make good sense to plan a 2-nt stay anyway -- it's not terribly far from the airport and I can think of worse ways to ease into vacation and work off jet lag.

We love Siclian wines, and are big fans of Tenuta delle Terre Nerre Etna Rosso, but I don't believe we've ever had Villagrande wines.


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