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Hello! This is Line

Hello everyone! My name is Line and I live in the province of Québec. My travels usually start a long time before I leave. I read about the history and culture of the place I will be visiting, I cook and try the local cuisine, and borrow or buy too many travel books. My travels in Japan have been prepared for years, as I have been studying Japanese, corresponding and then meeting with penpals. I have visited many parts of Perù, and not enough yet of Costa Rica.
But my heart now belongs to Italy. I have been only twice, and only stayed in 6 cities, most between Rome and Venice, but it is only the beginning of a long love story! I had the privilege to meet with very friendly people, have been driven here and there in small villages around Tuscany, and have indulged my eyes with hours of Renaissance paintings contemplation. If I return by myself, I will visit Puglia, Abruzzi, Le Marche, and return to see more of Umbria and Emilia Romagna. If my husband accompanies me, it will be anywhere across northern Italy, the main point being Cremona.
My wish would be being able to stay 1-2 weeks in the same italian city, one with a medieval air, or maybe in a small village between sea and mountain. Where? I don't know yet. But I definitely want to add a SLOW component to my travels.
I have loved the slowliness of Orvieto and this is the kind of city I wish to visit more often.
I am also attracted by northern Spain, le Pays Basque, la Provence, Ireland, Scotland, Amsterdam, and I have visited Paris.


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