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How can I watch the Super Bowl 2018 from outside the US (Hulu with Live TV?)


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Steve watches only two sport events per year - the Super Bowl and the World Series for Baseball (and lately he has not been watching that). The Super Bowl is broadcast on BBC and we can record it (it is in the middle of the night here in the UK), but they have lame British commentators and they don't have the US commericals. This is what we have been doing, then watching the commericals on YouTube.

I see that Hulu has an option to get US network TV (Hulu with Live TV) and I think the Super Bowl is on NBC this year. I could sign up for the free 7 day trial, and then record the Super Bowl to the cloud (I read that Hulu offers this), then we could watch it the next day, as if we were in the US! Does anyone use Hulu? Will this work?

From the NBC website: Watch Super Bowl LII Live
NBC is the 2018 host of Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This page is your first stop for the previews, highlights, and live streaming this season's Super Bowl. Here's everything you'll need to know before the big game.
How to Watch?
WHEN: Sunday, Feb. 4
WHERE: U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota
STREAM: NBC Sports App & NBCSports.com

There isn't anyway to stream from NBCSports.com and save it so we could watch later, is there? I googled and found Playon which lets you stream to the cloud, but you have to pay for this and we would only use it once.

@BryanS - I know you like US sports. How do you watch them in Italy?

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I'm so disappointed with the way BBC has destroyed NFL coverage over here. C4 had worked hard at building up what is still a niche sport here (C4 introduced it ~ 3 decades ago). Anchor Gary Imlach was very special, bringing a wonderfully dry sense of humour to NFL and cycling, but also allied to a strong understanding of both sports. For me he's the best in that role I've experienced. Then we had Mike Carlson as the expert analyst, someone with an exceptionally geeky understanding of the game, allied to genuine insight, and subtle understated humour. Nat Coombs wasn't a favourite to start with, but he grew into it, and the combination was really good.

Then BBC came along, first buying out the playoff games (just to show highlights), then finally getting the whole thing ... again just to show highlights, however many London games there are, and with a focus on a very 'ladsy' studio banter with football (soccer) / general sports presenter Mark Chapman, Jason Bell and Osi Umenyiora, mostly there for the laughs. To be fair to Jason Bell, I think he has developed well and lost some of that shyness, and he's the only one of them I'd keep.

Most irritatingly of all, has been the way they've ignored the fans who followed the sport over the years, staying up to watch a full live game on Sunday night. The BBC approach has been to dumb it down to this ladsy humour, make sure they get loads of 'slebs in for the London games and sideline the relaxed insight of the C4 years.

It's a real shame, and rather than boosting the sport over here, will IMO set it back a decade or more.

Sorry for the rant


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SkySports streams NFL football. I just checked and it looks like the will stream the Super Bowl, and you can buy a day pass.

You can click through to NowTV to see the streaming situation.

I have watched NFL on SkySports in a few places, have never been irritated by the commentary, but usually don't pay too much attention to it.

You should show Steve this video of the Vikings insane win over the Saints on Sunday. A true moment that is probably the highlight of the 2017/18 season, even if you are not a Vikings fan.

View: https://youtu.be/EnrXl3o3YbA


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I've been more interested in watching college football - the Browns haven't offered much to watch in the past few years.

In the past the networks would sell packages for games I could watch from here but they stopped that a few years ago. We tried setting up vpn's and routing through the US but never with good success. Seems like the US networks are always finding ways to block you.

Since the games are usually in the middle of the night I check the scores in the morning and on big games I can usually find it on YouTube, at least the highlights.


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I think we have it solved. We want to watch the US version of the Super Bowl with US commentators and commercials. I think we can watch it live on NBCSports. I read that they make it free to anyone in the US for the Super Bowl. We could use a VPN to look like we are in the US.

BUT since we are in the UK we would have to watch it in the middle of the night, so we needed to be able to record it. I found a service where you can stream on your computer and save it to the cloud but this seemed too complicated.

Steve found NFLGamePass. This website (or app) lets you watch live NFL games or stream past ones. There is a pass just for the Super Bowl but we bought the season pass which isn't much more because the Super Bowl pass ends the next day and it might take us a few days to watch it. The pass was just over £20 and is good for their season (he can watch some old games). I installed the app on our Amazon Fire Stick so we can watch the game on our (new, embarrassingly large) TV. We tested it and it works.

So a week from today will be Super Bowl Monday at our house! (I know nothing about football but this will be a good opportunity to knit and drink beer.)


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We are watching the super bowl now and the NFL Game Pass app on the Amazon Firestick is not great. You cannot fast forward or rewind! We had watched a bit last night and could not forward to where we had watched to.

Commercials are not shown, which is good because it makes the event shorter. We will watch the commercials on YouTube.

We are not at half time yet, so not sure if we see the halftime show (which did not get good reviews).

Steve is enjoying the game and that is the important thing!

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I'm happy! I don't know whether a one-off, or a long-term change, but Mark 'Chappers' Chapman has been replaced by the guy who used to be the lead presenter (Nat Coombs IIRC). Whereas Chapman is a football (soccer) presenter, Coombs is a die-hard American Football fan.

The net result is an amazing transformation, with Mike Carlsen always the first person he turns to for insight, and Carlsen remains incredibly good at reading the game and the subtleties. He now however has someone who wants him there and gives him the chance to speak. Chapman by comparison, had so little knowledge he'd simply fall back to 'lads together' banter, isolating Carlsen because Carlsen's analysis would go completely over his head.

Osi looks a little annoyed with this, as he would be the 'funny guy' Chapman would always turn to.

Hopefully this is a long term change, and I have a vain hope that BBC will end up buying the Sunday night games as well, with Coombs, Carlsen and possibly Jason Bell joining them.

There probably is still a place for Osi, Chapman and maybe Jason Bell as well (he can IMO handle both styles), continuing with a weekly 'magazine' piece in a similar way to how Jo Brand's Great British Bake-off spin-off becomes a distinctly different show in its own right. It has the ability to snag new/different viewers.



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