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How do you store your trip photos?


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For years I have used Adobe Lightroom to organize my photos. I love it except for one thing - generating photos with captions. In the Library section I enter all my titles and captions which are stored in the image metadata. I create a collection for a trip in Lightroom, order the photos the way I want, export them to a folder and keep that on OneDrive where I can look at the photos from all devices. But no titles or captions.

I finally figured out how to do get photos where titles and captions are displayed. In Lightroom I generate a Slideshow from the collection and there I can make a template that displays the metadata. But I don't want to generate the Slideshow as a movie (because I have too many photos). Instead there is a trick where you can generate the slideshow as images. I put these in a folder on OneDrive and I can see all my trip photos, in order, with titles and captions.

I am now experimenting with ApplePlay from my Apple TV box to see if I can show them on the TV set from my iPad.

How do you save your trip photos so you can look at them later?

This is what one of my photos looks like now:



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I'm all over the place with this one. When I'm travelling I try to download photos from my camera to my computer every day. I put each day/location into a folder so that I can easily edit and rename. After the photos are edited/named, I upload them to Flickr, but keep them on my computer.

When we get home I select a few photos to add to my digital picture frame, and also make a 'best of' flashdrive to view on our TV. I usually don't keep the flashdrive after we watch it.

Like my travel planning, I've gotten much more relaxed about my photos - after people see them on FB, or on the blog, I really don't use them for anything.


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I had my photos in iPhoto for years (I am a Mac person). A few years ago, I finally extracted them, which was a huge project. I did a bunch of research and tried a few other programs but never found anything that really thrilled me, so I just keep them in folders/sub-folders/etc. For my older photos, I organized them into 4 folders - Hawaii, Colorado, Italy, and Friends/Family/US travel. Inside each of these folders, I organized them by year or trip or whatever worked best to sort the photos. Since stopping the use of iPhoto as my organizer/editor program, my newer photos are organized by year. Inside each year's folder, I then organize them by trip or event.

I use Photo Mechanic to add info for my photos such as trip name, a caption, etc. I use Affinity to edit my photos and a Canon program (Digital Photo Professional 4) to edit my raw images. I could use Affinity for the raw editing also, but the Canon program seems easier to use. I occasionally will out a bunch of photos in iPhoto just to look through them quickly (although Photo Mechanic will accomplish the same thing) but I don't keep my photos in iPhoto anymore as it's a bloated program and each photo ends up being much larger in size taking up too much room on my hard drive. I should mention for Mac users, that I have not graduated to the new Photos app yet. I prefer the older iPhoto for the minimum things I use it for.

I back up all of my photos on 3 different external hard drives and rotate them - keeping 2 in a safety deposit box.


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