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How is the vaccine rollout going in your country / area?


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In the UK it is going well but they are leaving 12 weeks between first and second doses instead of the recommended 4 weeks. Steve, in the 70+ group got his first dose the end of January and should have his second dose end of April. I, in the 65+ group, am only 1 1/2 weeks after him. We both were given Pfizer, and were not able to choose.

Friends in New Mexico in the 70+ group have had both doses, Moderna.


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The vaccine distribution in Colorado seemed to become more organized in Colorado in February with both the Pfizer and Moderna available.

They started out with high risk health care worker and long term care facility staff and residents. Next came 70+, more health care workers, fire fighters, EMS, etc. Then ages 65-69, teachers and other school personnel.

I don't think the very rural areas were as successful with the vaccine rollout during these groups though until the Johnson & Johnson vaccine was approved at the end of February because of the storage requirements for the Pfizer and Moderna.

Once the J&J was approved the phases changed. My group (60-64) was originally set to be included in Phase 2 sometime in the spring but once the J&J was approved the phases were changed and they bumped my age group up, putting many occupations down into the next phase.

Colorado started Phase 1.B.3 on March 5th. This phase includes those 60-64, frontline essential workers in grocery and agriculture, and those with 2 high risk medical conditions. I was sent an email on Tuesday (March 9th) to sign up for the vaccine. Slots were available for Wednesday and Friday. I do a Zoom class on Thursdays, so chose Friday in case my arm was sore or I had a bad reaction.

I got the Moderna. Sore arm (still) and some fatigue yesterday but not other reaction. I have my 2nd appt set in 4 weeks. We get a COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card with the CDC logo on it after the first shot (which we need to bring back for the 2nd shot). I guess that will be our proof for travel.

There were vaccinators just sitting there with no one to give shots when I was there, so I it seems they could have fit more people in. Not sure if people canceled appointments or people just did not want to sign up.

The next phase (1.B.4) will start by March 21st and will include those 50-59, those with 1 high risk medical condition, as well as many occupations.

The last phase is the general public - those not qualifying in any of the earlier phases.

There are many options for vaccine administration now, including pharmacies, health centers, community centers, and in big cities they have vaccine drives.

I was on the list at my health care center. Our names were randomly picked. Our town had a J&J clinic the weekend before with many available slots (before I got my email) but I really wanted to get either the Pfizer of Moderna. I took a chance and waited, figuring that after a year of basically staying at home, a week or two more wouldn't be that big of a deal. Someone who works at the hospital (where I got my shot) told me you could tell which vaccine you would be offered in the sign up email by the choice - make 2nd appt in 3 weeks (Pfizer), make 2nd appt in 4 weeks (Moderna), or no 2nd appt (J&J). My email had appts with the 2nd in 4 weeks so I knew that meant Moderna.

My aunt also lives in the same town that I do. She is 70 and has already received both of her vaccines (end of Jan/2nd shot in Feb). She got Pfizer. She was originally called in January to get a vaccine in Fort Collins, a 3 1/2 - 4 hours drive away depending on snow conditions! She waited and finally the vaccines came to our town. So at first, the vaccines were available only in big cities, but now things are moving much more quickly.


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Here in Australia they have just started vaccinating health care professionals, quarantine hotel workers and people in aged care facilities with Pfizer vaccine.
At the end of March they plan to start vaccinations on over 70s with AstraZenica and the general population will follow in stages. They believe all will be vaccinated by the end of October. I’m not too sure about this as supply has been a problem, with at one stage Italy with the blessings of the European Union, banning shipment to Australia. As we have few coronavirus cases In the community they felt it wasn’t necessary.
I think it is sorted out now and we have begun production of the AstraZenica vaccine here.

There are still over 30,000 Australians trying to return to Australia. Even if they are able to book a flight, there has to be 14 days in hotel quarantine and there are limits on numbers allowed into each state.


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I live in Florida where our governor made up his own Covid Vaccine administration guidelines thus we both were able to get the vaccine early on.
He also does NOT support wearing a mask! Not too smart at all as Covid is airborne! Now we have FEMA sites set up so it’s pretty easy to get the vaccine .
I got Pfizer with no side effects except some fatigue and really sore arm.
My husband got Moderna snd had fever chills , body aches and headache 2 days with both shots! Not sure if Pfizer will require a 3 rd as booster for the new variants so I’m trying to follow the research being conducted. I’m hopeful that Covid will become like the flu requiring yearly vaccination .
We need to return to normal!
I miss travel , the movies ( starting to hate my TV lol) , eating out , seeing friends , family and hugs !!


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I live in central California and got my 2nd dose of Pfizer 3/18/2021. Other than a sore arm, there are no side effects so far. Overall, I think California's vaccination effort is fairly good, keeping in mind that we are the most populous state in the union at 39.5 million. Here are some interesting California stats (source):
  • Doses distributed to state: 17,612,260
  • Doses administered: 13,161,027
  • Percentage of distributed vaccines that have been administered: 74.73%
  • Percentage of total state population vaccinated: 33.31%
  • Percentage of USA population vaccinated: 21%
My own personal experience of getting the first & second dose of vaccine was favorable. My private healthcare provider Kaiser had a shortage of vaccine so I took advantage of the state & county health program. They established a big mega site at the Fresno fairgrounds. Surprisingly. it was well organized and efficient. I was given a "Covid-19 Vaccination Record Card" and the state is maintaining a database of everyone that is vaccinated.

The vaccination trajectory rate is positive. There are some hardheads that refuse to wear masks or get vaccinated. Thankfully, they are in the minority. As a best case scenario, I am cautiously optimistic that things will continue to improve enough by mid-June 2021 so that we can consider safely planning travel to Europe in September. The EU is planning "Covid digital travel passports" to facilitate the process.

Realistically, travel is still in question for 2021. Unfortunately, Europe is in another lockdown with a shortage of vaccine in the EU, and people in the states are starting to let their guard down. We shall see. 2022 seems to have few obstacles at this point.

Stay safe everyone!
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Massachusetts had a slow start. Our Governor was quick to close down businesses, but once the vaccines were available he was slow to plan a rollout. He got a lot of pressure from the public and the State Legislature and finally made vaccinations a priority.

I didn't bother with the State or pharmacy sites. My wife and I registered through out private health care provider. We both received our first shots (Moderna) 2 weeks ago and are scheduled for our second shots in two weeks.

The Moderna had zero impact on both of us. Our arms weren't even sore. If I touched the spot I could feel tenderness, but that was gone within two days. Hopefully the second shot will be as painless.

There's a pharmacy chain here called CVS that is giving out shots, but there was no way I was going there. I don't trust them to keep the vaccines at proper temperature, and the last thing I want is a $5 an hour part-time clerk giving me a shot! :D


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Here in BC it's fairly slow as we started out going in 5 year age increments.
I believe we are now in the 80-85 yr olds; and yesterday it was announced that just about every frontline worker will get one very soon.
That is: teachers, grocery clerks, factory workers ,police, fire service etc.
We don't expect ours until late April or May, and you don't get a choice of which one.
No Canadians will get two doses until the 4 month mark.
I believe the idea is to get as many people to have one dose, instead of less people having two doses.
We make no vaccines in Canada, so it also depends on supply.


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It is starting slowly here in Australia. We will be manufacturing Astra zeneca here, but the Therapeutic Drugs Administration has not yet formally approved the manufacture process. That is supposed to happen in the next few days. So none of that locally produced product is being distributed yet. We have relied on supplies from Europe so far and the quantities expected have not arrived, with Italy blocking shipments to Australia and France saying they will as well if necessary. I read that Ursula von der Leyen has said AZ needs to supply Europe before sending it overseas. So who knows when we will get any from Europe.
Meanwhile we have a serious situation developing on our doorstep in Papua New Guinea where it is spreading quickly. Between my state, Queensland, and PNG, there are lots of small islands and you could get from PNG to them in a small tinnie and on to Australia. So Australia is sending medical personnel, defence supplies and vaccines from our limited supplies in an effort to stem the spread and stop it coming across.
So at 66 and 67, I am not expecting to get a vaccine for awhile. Our GPs are very adept at administering vaccines, but when they cannot guarantee supply for a while, it is going to be difficult and slow.
I feel very fortunate to be living here where we have managed to control it and life is relatively normal.


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In Northern California, I was able to get my 1st dose of Pfizer on March 4th (sore arm, mild joint & muscle aches), 2nd dose will be April 2nd. This was through my healthcare entity. Right after I got vaccinated, our county postponed thousands of 1st doses as they have received less supply than expected. This is just as they opened up the eligibility to more people. I expect to have a reaction to 2nd dose, as I did with the 2nd Shingrix vaccine. Fingers crossed things speed up with vaccines in Italy, I am hoping to travel in September. Although realistically it will likely be 2022.


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The UK just reached 50% of the population vaccinated but they don’t stress that this is one dose only. Steve and I should get our second doses next month. Our local NHS office still have two vaccine days per week. They are currently doing ages 60 - 64.

Georgia & Zig

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My husband and I have had both shots here in Kentucky, 25% of Kentuckians are fully vaccinated. Last Monday they opened the vaccine sites up to 50 and over or medically compromised people. I had chills and fever with my 2nd shot ( Moderna) but my husband had no problems at all with his 2nd. (Pfizer)


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I live in Minnesota. My husband and I have both had two doses of Pfizer. He, no reactions except a sore arm. I had a reaction with the second dose. Not pleasant, but over in 24 hours. Our vaccination rate is high and vaccines are being opened to everyone 16 and older next week. But, our COVID numbers are on the rise again with the opening up of businesses, increasing the occupancy of restaurants, etc. Hopefully, as more people are vaccinated we will see those numbers go down again.


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In Illinois covid vaccinations are still restricted to 65 and older, plus essential workers. It's rumored that anyone will be able to get a covid vaccination by mid April, but no date has been set.

I found it a little bit difficult to get an appointment for a covid vaccination. Every time I checked at three different drug store locations (some up to 30 miles, 48 km away) I would get a, "No Appointments Available - Web Site Updated Every 30 minutes"

After multiple days of checking for an appointment, I finally found an appointment at a Walgreens Drug Store. You don't get to choose which vaccine. I was assigned the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.


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More good news on the general benefits of wide vaccination. Again, from Israel, where a large percent of the population has been vaccinated : the data shows that infection is going down among the non-vaccinated, and that there is a good chance that herd immunity might be reached despite previous pessimistic forecasts.
"The new research answers the question of whether vaccinated people protect those around them with a resounding “yes.” It looked at medical data from children — who can’t yet receive vaccines — in some 223 Israeli communities, and found that the more widespread vaccination is among local adults, the less likely the kids are to test positive."


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