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Article Israel - bad weather in December


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Ha’aretz - Flooding Shuts Down Major Israeli Highway; First Snow Falls in North
A 50-year-old worker was killed in Jerusalem after a wall collapsed on him due to heavy rains

Flooding in central Israel, flash floods in the south, sandstorms in the south, snow in the north. December weather in Israel.
Yes, the rainy season has really come on with full force. Even for friends in Be’ershava. Scary.

Some friends just went over to spend Hanukkah in their Jerusalem apartment; hope it eases a bit.


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Here's one from today, showing why a flash flood in the desert can be so dangerous. Quite clear skies but suddenly "out of the blue" a torrent appears. This was taken at Nahal Arugot, right beside Ein Gedi, the kibbutz where Pauline has stayed (twice?), on the shores of the Dead Sea.
The word that the guy is shouting - "Sheetafon!" - means "flood" in Hebrew. I'll delete this one soon, because it's not my video...
https://flic.kr/p/2cRBBjM View: https://www.flickr.com/photos/66095695@N02/45850073045/in/datetaken/
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Wow - that is a lot of water. We used to get flash floods in New Mexico, but nothing like that. This is what that hiker we met in the Negev, when hiking into Barak Canyon, was warning us about!

We have stayed in Ein Gedi twice :)

I saw on the Israel Parks site that there were flash flood warnings again last week.


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