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Large Photos in Posts and Resources


Forums Admin
I think I have something wrong in the forums settings for size of photos because it seems like some very large photos are being uploaded. I am working on this and will get it figured out. Meanwhile, keep posting your photos and I can go back and fix any after.


Forums Admin
Thanks, Pauline. I use an iPhone 7+ for my photos and upload them. Are my photos too large? Let me know if I should do something when posting photos.
It's not you, it's me :) I messed up on message board settings. I am working on it now. I knew this was going on but happily ignored it.


Forums Admin
There is software for the forums that makes it easy to go back and resize large images. I will be doing this in the next few weeks.

All images uploaded to posts from now on will be resized to max 800 x 800 pixels. Photos uploaded to the Media section are larger (1024 x 768).

This large image was uploaded and automatically resized to max 800 x 800.



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