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Layering In August


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We'll be visiting friends just south of Zurich beginning on August 11, then joining Steve and @Pauline for a few more days in Lenk. It's been many, many years since we've been to Switzerland, and I'm hoping someone will have some suggestions for how many layers I might need. We'll be walking every day, so it will start out cooler and probably warm up quickly, at least if the sun comes out. If it's cloudy and cool that's a completely different scenario.

We'll have lightweight rain jackets, short and long-sleeved Tshirts, but I'm not sure about sweatshirts - too much? I also have capris, and long pants, and am hoping the capris will be good for the entire day - no worries about getting them wet! Advice?


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Living in the mountains of Colorado, I often need to layer as it can often be in the 30's or 40's in the morning and then will get up to the 60's, 70's or 8o's by afternoon. I would recommend a lightweight fleece rather than a sweatshirt as one of your layers. There are warmer fleece tops or jackets that are not as thick now. I usually either tie it around my waist or stick it in a lightweight backpack once I take it off. If it is really cold, I also add a long sleeve lightweight long underwear type layer for the morning which is a little larger so it can fit over a short sleeve shirt. Once I start walking, I warm up quickly so it is often possible to tough it out with less layers. Rain jackets can double as windbreakers if it is a windy day to cut down on the cold weather with either a fleece or long underwear top underneath. For pants, if you have some wool socks, you can pull them up to cover your legs in the morning when wearing capris and then roll them down later on. Wool usually does good in both warm and cold weather. The one thing I always regret having if I forget though is a little fleece hat to cover my ears. They always get cold when walking in the cold morning weather! Synthetics and wool are better when they get wet than cotton, which takes much longer to dry.


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For summer in Switzerland we bring short sleeved t-shirts, long sleeved t-shirts, a light fleece, and rain jackets. I recently got hiking t-shirts for us - made from synthetics and easy to rinse out and dry overnight. We always wear hiking trousers - synthetic.

If you don't have a fleece, do you have a wool sweater? If not, bring your sweatshirts. You may not need to bring them on the trails, but you will need them in the evening when it is cooler, or on a wet day.

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