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Help Needed Lisbon Airport Hotel


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I am considering grabbing an inexpensive flight from Venice, which would necessitate staying overnight in Lisbon (late arrival) before our flight home in the morning. Anyone have a recommendation for a Lisbon airport hotel?



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The airport is essentially in the city, so it's generally recommended to stay at a city hotel. If you'll just be there for the time to sleep, in the immediate airport area I see the Tryp Hotel and Star Inn. I don't have experience, and they have mixed reviews on TripAdvisor.


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I have a friend who uses the Star Hotel when she travels early in the morning. So, it’s likely fine.
But, it’s a quick and easy metro ride to the Oriente metro station. This area has a number of nice hotels in the immediate vicinity of the metro station.


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TRYP Lisboa Aeroporto Hotel
I looked at a bunch of reviews on different sites.
You are only staying overnight so safety and location are everything.
This hotel does the job.


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