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Manchester and Liverpool tips three days and parking


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I’m staying in Bolton at the moment and have three days to drive into Manchester and/or Liverpool neither of which I’ve visited before. I have a small car and don’t mind parking and walking to get some exercise especially if it saves money. Pubs? Markets? Museums? Other? Got the guide book recommendations as a start.


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As you have probably realised there are lot of things to do and see in both Manchester and Liverpool. What sort of things do you like doing? Top of my list is the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry, but that may not appeal to everyone...

For Manchester, Park and Ride may be the answer rather than trying to find somewhere in the city centre.

Liverpool doesn't have park and ride but is probably better served with car parks. here are details about city centre parking here.


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Great thanks Eleanor

Coming from Bolton is tricky. Park and ride sounds good. The S&I Museum is interesting because of the industrial history of the area. I’m also interested in the Imperial War Museum North and google shows some Christmas Markets near the National Football museum. Funny how we end up getting all cultural when we visit a city then hardly visit a museum at home! I suppose it helps to put the new place in context.


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The IWM North was a moving experience. Not a glorification of war: far from it. And very inclusive of women, other countries and races and seeing war from both sides.


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