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Need help for 10 days in Normandy/Paris Late April


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My wife, myself and 2 other couples are in the midst of planning a trip to Normandy and Paris at the end of April. 2 of us are artists and the Normandy part would be seeing the places that Monet, Renoir, Pissaro, etc. painted, as well as visiting the WWII beaches. We plan to mainly go by train, and renting a car for a day or 2 to see the off-the-track places. 2 questions: (1) What would be the best split for 10 days, between Normandy and Paris. We've all been to Paris several times, but still would like at least 2-3 days there. (2) Any suggestions for a base in Normandy? I'm currently leaning toward Hornfleur. Thanks!


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Honfleur is a good base I think. I have not been there but it is on my list as a place to stay. Another option would be Bayeux or even north to Dieppe. I have been to both these towns. I have also visited the WWII beaches.

From Bayeux you can easily get to the main WWII Normandy Beaches and it is a charming town. Dieppe is an important town for Canadians in WWII and is a nice seaside town. If you decided on Bayeux, look up to make sure the Bayeux Tapestry will be there. I remember reading that it is being moved for a couple of years, to be displayed somewhere else.

Remember that in April the weather may still be wet and cold.

My notes on sights in Normandy: https://www.sloweurope.com/daytrips/france/normandy/


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Thanks for your response. We do want to see the WWII beaches, but might do that as a day tour. I'm mostly interested in where Monet, Renoir & Boudin painted, so I'm currently leaning to 4 or 5 nights in Hornfleur, which would make it easy to see Etretat, Deuville, Le Harve, Rouen, etc. and 1 night at Giverny, with the balance in Paris. There's also a 1 day Seine trip, from Giverny, which takes you to the spots on the Seine where they painted.


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Your trip sounds terrific. We spent a night in Honfleur on our way back to Paris several years ago. It’s a charming town.


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