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Nimes in the Languedoc


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Last year in March we spent two nights in Arles (in Provence) and a week in an apartment in Nimes (in the Languedoc). We arrived at Marseille Airport in the middle of one of the Mistral winds I had read about. I thought they came in the winter, but it turns out that they are more likely in March. Arles felt like the epicenter of the winds - they howled through the medieval streets! And they were cold. But they only lasted a couple of days and were worse at night.

We liked both Arles and Nimes and there is a lot to see and do in this area. We returned to the area twice more last year, both times staying in the smaller town of Uzes north of Nimes.

Slow Europe Photos - Nimes

Place aux Herbes. The apartment we rented had a roof terrace that looked down on this square.



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I only visited Nimes as a day excursion when I had 'my' group in Montpellier -it really connected with meas a place I'd like to get to know better.

Susie L

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Mistral, brrr! We spent a week in Nyons (Provence) in early June a few years ago, and the mistral came through for a couple of days. We had to keep the shutters over the windows fastened, as the wind would blow the windows right open.

Pretty photo Pauline, it sounds like a great apartment.


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