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Passport Renewal


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I just sent my passport off for renewal. Although it doesn't expire until April 2024, the timing for our upcoming trips meant the latest I could wait would be after returning from Budapest in mid-June, and I'd need to have it by the beginning of September. I wasn't willing to risk renewal during the busy summer months, but I hate having to "lose" nearly 18 months of validity, even though the new passport will be valid until I'm 80!

Edited to add: I don't need my passport until the end of May, but I'm still nervous about how long it will take!
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Better safe than sorry, but you can always pay a little extra for expedited processing.


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Ours also expire in 2024 but in mid January. As I don’t trust the system I too am renewing early this week as will be needed again for June. I’m mailing overnite express to them and expedited return. Hopeful the holidays don’t cause a delay.


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Peter Greenberg said the average renewal time is 3 months!!! I hope he's wrong! The travel.state.gov website says 3-5 weeks for expedited, and 6-9 weeks for Routine.

I found a page on the official site where you can track the progress - but that still doesn't tell you how long each step will take.

Now I'm nervous, even I don't need it until the end of April. And it seems we just missed the chance to renew online - it was a test-tun, and they stopped it in October!


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I missed the test run by just a few days otherwise online would’ve been great !!
3 months is crazy ! I know someone who renewed recently and it only took 3 weeks . I wish we could just walk into renewal sites like ages ago and walk out with a passport . I just renewed my italian passport at Italian Consulate Miami last week and it took 20 min and I walked out with new passport!! Easy!!


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Hi, I renewed my passport in September. It took 17 days for my new passport to arrive. I paid for the expedited service because I needed it in Oct.


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Like you, I needed to renew before expiration (the passport number changes).

I sent in my passport and renewal application, expedited, USPS Priority Mail. It was delayed getting to Pennsylvania, my renewal city. After more than 10 days, the USPS showed it still sitting in the distribution center! Yikes! Well, after a few more days with that status, I looked up my renewal and it was already being processed. So, don't freak out over postal statuses unless you don't see your renewal with the US Passport office. My new one arrived within 2-3 weeks, I think. The old one came a couple of weeks later.


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NOV 23 UPDATE: I'm now in the system! My passport was received on 11/15, one week after I mailed it, and is showing as being processed. They say to allow 6-9 weeks. My checked has been cashed.
They don't take 6 to 9 weeks to get their money! :D

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