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Photo Hunt 2018 No. 23 - Small Town

Kathy (Trekcapri)

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This week’s Photo Hunt No. 23 (Week of June 10, 2018) – Small Town Stay

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What an amazing photo collection of boats and ships everyone! I also enjoyed reading the descriptions and stories behind your photos. From the high masts, large cargo ships, wooden boats, gondolas and fishing/oyster and transport boats. Very impressive.

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In Scotland (2009), I wanted to visit the Highlands and the Isle of Sky. I rented a car and drove the famous Road to the Isles from Fort William to Mallaig.. Rather than staying in the bigger town of Mallaig where I needed to catch the ferry to the Isle of Sky, I decided to stay in the very small but oh so charming town of Arisaig. And what a treat it was. This town is also a stop on the West Highland Railway Line (if you prefer to travel by train). There was one main street , a post office and a little grocery store. Across the road is Loch Nan Ceall. I stayed at the very beautiful Arisaig Hotel (which I highly recommend). They had a great restaurant and bar where even the locals frequented. I based there for 3 days while I explored the surrounding areas like the Silver Sands of Morar and Lock Morar. I also saw the very famous Highland cows grazing nearby. I traveled in November so the weather was very sketchy. This photo doesn’t do the town justice but there was something very peaceful about my evening walks along the foot path in this tiny town with the mist rolling in from the Loch. The town of Arisaig is one of my favorites. I really enjoy discovering small towns while traveling. We need to do a Small Town Part II thread to showcase more travel ideas. :)



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Savigliano (Piemonte, Italy) is a town of around 20,000 people, so I'm not sure if it counts as "small". But we really enjoyed the few hours we spent there, and it seems that it doesn't attract a lot of attention. It's located in the flat area between Torino and Cuneo. Looking at it from the highway when you pass by it, it really doesn't seem like anything special - not like one of those hilltop villages with a castle or cathedral.

But once you start to walk inside its alleys and between the houses in the center, its charm is revealed.
It has a lovely small and porticoed piazza called Piazza Santarosa, as well as a large one by the name of Piazza del Popolo. The latter hosts the bigger fairs (we happened to be there during the annual Bread Festival), but the smaller one is more picturesque. There are quite a few interesting architectural elements, nice green places, as well as an enticing variety of quality shops.

It also has a unique museum called the Museum of Scents, devoted to different aspects of these. Because there was renovation going on there at the time we visited, we only managed to see the small garden there - but this was a unique experience : hot vapours spread from a central fountain, in an area with gardens of medicinal and fragrant plants. When you stand there among the vapours, the effect is quite stimulating.

Quite a few photos , and quite a desire to see it again sometime.


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Tobermory on the Isle of Mull with its brightly coloured houses, is probably better know as Balamory from the popular Children’s television programme.
Screen shot 2018-06-11 at 06.41.38.png


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Criccieth with its ruined castle (which looks as if it could have been a contender for Enid Blyton's Kirrin Castle) is an attractive sea side town in North Wales. Cadwalader's ice cream shop and Criccieth Fish and Chip shop are both popular with visitors.
Screen shot 2018-06-11 at 06.50.19.png

Screen shot 2018-06-11 at 06.48.42.png


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The "hanging village" of Lucchio, way up a twisty mountain road beyond Barga in Italy.
Only 8 or 9 people live there year round, as people left during and after WW2 for work. However, the homes are maintained by the descendants of the ones who left, and people come back to spend the summer there. There is one bakery, which only makes enough bread daily for the number of people resident at the time of baking! There is an old ruined fortress above the houses.


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Aussie Greg

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This is Sainte Enimie on the river Tarn in the area Les Gorges du Tarn, in mid southern France. Not far from the Millau Viaduct.
Awesome countryside, on twisty roads with steep sided gorges all around. The village is beautifully old-world and has a fascinating Medieval section (photo 1676). Only stayed one night as we were on our way north. But could have stayed a week!
So beautiful, majestic and not crowded (late May).


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I often find that the small towns are a lot more attractive than their larger counterparts. This is Pont-Criox in Britany.
Screen shot 2018-06-13 at 16.32.23.png
Screen shot 2018-06-13 at 16.31.36.png
Screen shot 2018-06-13 at 16.32.59.png


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