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Photo Hunt 2018 No. 37 - Stones/Made of Stones


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This week’s Photo Hunt No. 37 (Week of September 16, 2018) – Stones/Made of Stones

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Stones are both older than us and will also outlast us - no wonder that they have been used and appreciated by man throughout time.

Here are some photos to start this :


A mountain hut in Biella province, Italy:

An ancient leopard trap :

In an abandoned village in Liguria, Italy :


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Dating back to ~2650 BC the Step Pyramid of Djoser definitely qualifies as made from stones.



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These photos are from a garden of stones, called Jardin des Damoiselles, in Vaison la Romaine, France.

The Rotary Club built it to commemorate the victims of the flood that ravaged Vaison in 1992. They wanted a place of poetry, serenity and humanism, bearing witness to the friendship among people and civilizations. Many of the stones represent cities from different countries. The first 9 were the cities of culture designated by the EU in 2000. Other countries later "adopted" stones and inscribed words from a poet in the chosen city. The US city represented is Seattle.




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This is a similar example, this time from Scalloway in Shetland. The memorial commemorates the WW2 Norwegian resistance fighters based in Shetland who ran a daring series of clandestine and very dangerous missions to German occupied Norway.
Crossings were mostly made during the winter under the cover of darkness. This meant the crews and passengers had to endure very heavy North Sea conditions, with no lights and constant risk of discovery by German aircraft or patrol boats. There was also the possibility of being captured whilst carrying out the mission on the Norwegian coast. Boats were small fishing vessels and most of the crew were specially trained Norwegian fishermen. Many Norwegians lost their lives and are commemorated by a cairn made of stones collected from their village.
Screen shot 2018-09-21 at 13.31.45.png


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Simply amazing, hard to believe that it is still possible to make finds like this. No, I hadn't read about it, so thanks for the alert.

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