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Photo Hunt 2018 No. 47 - Surprise

Kathy (Trekcapri)

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This week’s Photo Hunt 47 – Surprise

A Photo Hunt 2018 category is available on the Media Gallery.

Enjoying a great feast can only be surpassed by the company of family and friends sharing all the delicious food to be shared.

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After my morning visit to Plaza de España, I was pleasantly surprised by this group of singers and flamenco dancer who were performing near my apartment. (Seville, Spain 2008) They were very good.



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Two months ago we were five days in the Verona area, first time. Most of the time was spent touring the countryside, and we also reached San Giorgio di Valpolicella, a lovely town. There's a panoramic point opposite the church with a beautiful heart shaped slab of rock attached to a bench.
Upon closer inspection we saw what most certainly looked like an ammonite fossil that was imbedded in the slab (second photo).




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We spent a week in the Chile Lake District several years ago with a hire car. We did all the tourist things and visited all the tourist places like Lago Llanquihue, Fruitillar, the waterfalls at Petrohue, Puyehue and Chiloé.

The highlight of the trip was the day we decided to head west away from the lakes towards the coast. Tourists don’t get into this area – it doesn’t figure in the guide books and I couldn’t find anything in English about the area on the Internet. We were hoping it would give us a flavour of the real, rural Chile. There was a network of gravel roads on the map with few settlements. Signing was non existent so I was trying to count road junctions and hoping they were all shown on the map. It was the kind of area you could get lost in for months and perhaps never be seen again…

We found a small village called Parga with shop, school, church and a few houses. We parked by the church and walked down the road, stopping to take a picture of one of the houses. The road became a footpath with street lights and headed towards the river. An old man on a bicycle appeared peddling furiously after us shouting something. At first we thought it was along the lines of "You can’t go down there." We then picked up the word empanada and realised he was trying to sell us some. As it was getting near lunchtime we decided to take him up on the offer. Michael has a very limited amount of Spanish and he had no English so this was all done by sign language. We assumed we would be taken to the house and buy a couple of empanada from his wife. We followed him and were taken through the back garden past with all the vegetables into a large wooden shed at the end, where there was a production line in operation. One old lady was rolling out the pastry and another two were filling and cutting out the empanadas. These were then handed to someone else who deep fried them in a huge saucepan of boiling oil over a wood burning stove.

Screen shot 2018-11-25 at 19.54.47.png

Screen shot 2018-11-25 at 19.54.56.png

Screen shot 2018-11-25 at 19.56.10.png

In our innocence we indicated what we thought was one empanada each. We were sat down at a rickety wooden table like honoured guests with a tablecloth and piece of kitchen towel as a table mat. Someone disappeared to the house and came back with two china cups so we could have tea to drink. What we hadn’t realised was that one empanada meant one bowl with 12 empanadas … and every one stood and watched as we ate. They were delicious but very filling. We managed about three each before getting full. The remainder were carefully wrapped up and given to us – so guess what we had for tea that night. A message about us must have gone round the village as more and more people appeared to see us (and collect their bowl of empanadas too.) It was a definite highlight of the holiday. Our H&S police would never allow it to happen here…



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Contest 2019 Winner!
Well I can honestly say, I was a little more than surprised to round a corner in Genoa, Italy on Easter Sunday morning to find Native Americans playing their tribal music to a large crowd of onlookers.



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