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Photo Hunt No. 8 - Flower(s)

Kathy (Trekcapri)

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This week’s Photo Hunt No. 8 (Week of April 23): Flower(s)

There is a Photo Hunt 2017 category on the Media Gallery in case you want to put your photos in the media gallery first and then insert from there using the camera icon above the text box, into your post.

I love the lines, angles, curves and the use of nature in the architectural designs in everyone’s photos. It’s cool how architecture can be like modern day sculptures; they can be a representative of the culture and country; they are functional with an artistic flare from some very talented architects. Great architecture can be seen in palaces, churches, temples, castles, music halls, governmental/business buildings and they are ways to move water.

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I love taking photos of flower(s) on my trips and even at home. This photo was taken in 2005 while riding in a gondola in Venice, Italy!



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A pollen-laden bee approaching flowers of a male date palm.
Date palms are pollinated by wind, when pollen from male trees reaches the female trees (which produce the fruit), so no need for bees actually. But bees like to collect pollen for their hive, so are attracted to the male trees.
The brown sheath enclosing the male flowers (spathe) is tied manually (blue wire in pic) to keep it closed until it is collected, after which the pollen is extracted and used for direct pollination.
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