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photos by an agoraphobic traveller


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As one who likes to use Street View, I found this interesting : the story and website of a woman who, because of her agoraphobia and the resulting inability to travel, spent huge amounts of time in virtual travel using Street View. She made many photographs that were basically screenshots of interesting views she had come across, and reached an agreement with Google for the selling of some of them, with part of the proceeds going to charity. There are some interesting "captures" there...
Perhaps relevant for the next lock-down ? ;)

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Her screen captures are fabulous! I love Google Street View and have found some interesting things, but she really has found great things. I will follow her on Instagram. (And her last name is the same as mine!)


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This is odd and wonderful! Odd in the sense that it is a huge amount of work, and wonderful because...it just is! Of course, they would not be award-winning photos (being taken by the Google camera), but some of them are still quite good!

I love Google Street View. It helps me a great deal when planning a trip. I also regularly "visit" some places by using live Web cams. Some of them located in Italy are amazingly clear and those are the ones I visit the most!


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I also like using Google Street View, especially when I look forward to visiting a country/city that I've never been before. As for virtual tours, I should say, they became pretty popular during the quarantine.


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